YTV orders Season 3 of Some Assembly Required

From a media release:

There’s more mayhem and romance brewing in the toy factory. Thunderbird is pleased to announce that YTV’s #1 hit series Some Assembly Required will return for a third season. The live-action kids’ comedy will premiere all-new episodes in 2016.

Season 2 left fans with some questions for the new season. Will Piper and Jarvis finally get together? Will the gang finally discover that Bubkes was Candace in disguise all along? Season 3 will also feature Candace’s newly adopted daughter Adelaide. Will being a mother soften her or will she now just have a pint-sized partner in crime?

Some Assembly Required is shot in front of a live-studio audience in Burnaby, BC and the third season is in production this week. The series stars Kolton Stewart (My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2, The Ellen DeGeneres Show) and Charlie Storwick (winner of YTV’s The Next Star, Season 4). The second season is currently airing Monday’s on YTV.

Some Assembly Required is a Canadian comedy series created by Dan Signer (A.N.T. Farm, Mr. Young) and Howard Nemetz (Mr. Young, The Suite Life of Zack & Cody) and is produced by Thunderbird Films. It tells the story of Jarvis Raines (Kolton Stewart), an average teenager who becomes a boss overnight after he sues a toy company over a defective chemistry set that blows up his house. Jarvis’ first act as CEO of Knickknack Toys is to recruit a diverse group of kids from his high school to help him run the company. Some Assembly Required was recently acquired by Netflix worldwide.