Mother-daughter power team unveil Straight Shooters Productions

From a media release:

Award-winning twosome, filmmaker Gail Harvey (Heartland, Murdoch Mysteries, Lost Girl), and her daughter, actress and writer Katie Boland (Gerontophilia, Reign) have teamed up to launch Straight Shooters Productions. Driven by their desire to create meaningful relevant content for domestic and international audiences, Harvey and Boland have paired up to develop and produce thought-provoking original content that speaks to the strength and resilience of the human spirit.

With this new venture comes a development deal with the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) working with Senior Director Helen Asimakis and Production Executive Sarah Adams in partnership with Serendipity Point Films (The Right Kind of Wrong, Barney’s Version) on a new gripping drama series entitled Centrepunch based on the inner workings of the Toronto police department.

Created and written by Boland and Calum DeHartog (Cracked), to star Boland, Centrepunch is a riveting new drama series about a willful, bold and naive ingénue, born into a family of respected male police officers. Upon joining the force, she uncovers things about her family and the inner workings of the Toronto Police Department she never would have imagined possible.