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Link: ‘The Amazing Race Canada’: How they make one of TV’s most popular shows

From Jim Slotek of Postmedia Network:

‘The Amazing Race Canada’: How they make one of TV’s most popular shows
The long-term strategy for the show was either to expand or contract. Canada is a big country, but eventually they’d end up appearing to repeat themselves or get folksy (and it’s an important part of the dynamic of the U.S. Amazing Race that contestants race about in locations where they don’t speak English).

“I don’t want to burn up Canada so fast,” Brunton says. “It’s full of interesting stories and we want to let them breathe.” Continue reading.


2 thoughts on “Link: ‘The Amazing Race Canada’: How they make one of TV’s most popular shows”

  1. Interesting read. While I don’t mind, some might not appreciate the spoiler hints bout the next few episodes in the link, but it’s nothing too big given away.

    I agree with him that the show should travel internationally. The title card for every episode of the Race has a globe in the background after all. And it shows us the impact we have on other countries like that plaza I bet many viewers didn’t know about. With the numbers it’s pulling I think around 10% of the country watches it live now, giving them benefit for those product placement lines, so I think they can afford the bigger budget needed. He’s also right that it would appear to repeat themselves if they stayed here all season. The show can expand elsewhere while still maintaining a home connection

    Plus if they stayed here all the time, it would lead to fandom fighting over which provinces seem to get the most screen-time. There is already some disappointed viewers because some provinces don’t have a home team this year. That matters. Look at Dana & Amanda’s standing in the fan poll as of After the Race. Ideally they could have one team from each province and territory. I know Northern Canada has less of a population and everything but I have to assume they have TVs up there and people who meet the applicant criteria. If they want to encourage investment up there, what better platform then this show? I still remember being fascinated by the desert in the Yukon.They went from 9 teams in S1 to 12. We have 10 provinces and 3 territories, one more team/leg/episode can’t cost that much. Now granted, that an ideal to be fair but I think it’s worth it and likely attainable.

    I do wonder if the contestants from Season 1 feel ripped off they didn’t get to travel outside Canada or get an After the Race aftershow?

    1. Oh and I have no stake in the home team thing as an Ontarian. With Toronto being CTV’s headquarters my province won’t get shut out. Neither will Quebec as the center of French Canada. But I do sympathize with fans from other areas.

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