CBC’s Still Standing renewed for Season 2

From a media release:

CBC’s summer hit about small towns with a lot of heart, STILL STANDING, has been renewed for a second season, which will be broadcast in 2016. The unique series follows comedian Jonny Harris (Murdoch Mysteries) as he travels across the country to small towns on the ropes who are managing to keep laughing in the face of adversity. During his week-long stint, he immerses himself in the local culture and mines enough material to put on an original stand-up comedy routine for the residents.Visiting towns from coast to coast, Jonny uses his time to learn what makes each place special doing everything from being challenged to eat a 20 Ib. bag of apples in Berwick, NS, mounting a 10,000 Ib. Harley Davidson in Lytton, BC, befriending a yodelling cowboy in Manitou, MB and being a guest in an eight person town (six person in the winter) in Rowley, AB.

Production company Frantic Films is looking for suggestions of small towns to visit for Season Two. They are hoping to hear from small towns that boast a strong sense of community and a narrative of adapting in the face of adversity, after economic and industrial changes in their region. Interested viewers can nominate their town online at cbc.ca/stillstanding. This season, the series visited Bamfield, BC, Coleman, AB, Souris, PEI, Willow Bunch, SK, Berwick, NS, Oil Springs, ON, Lytton, BC, Manitou, MB, Wawa, ON, Teeswater, ON, Rowley, AB, Buxton, ON and Fogo Island, N.L.


8 thoughts on “CBC’s Still Standing renewed for Season 2”

  1. Awesome. This is a great show. I think the title ” Still Standing with Jonny Harris” would be much better. My suggestions for towns to visit: Creighton, SK or Fort Smith, NWT or Manson Creek, BC. And for landsakes, please visit New Brunswick, the land that television perpetually forgets.

  2. Nominate them on the CBC website folks. Commenting here wont do a thing. Jonny does a really great job depicting what the little places are all about, and everyone busts their sides in the stand up routine event at the end of each show. Nice to see another positive bit of TV, comedy even, that is Canadian right from root to tip! I have figured out where to move to if I never want to be found though?! The one place actually moved it’s whole town! If they keep moving it, you’ll never find me! Love this show, if you haven’t seen it, you are missing a belly laugh and some time well spent viewing your country and it’s people, and how they band together to keep their chins up no matter what life has thrown at them. Bravo CBC, with this and Murdoch Mysteries you are on a roll! Keep up the good work! Shame you couldn’t have rescued FlashPoint before they axed it. Really good show!

      1. We absolutely love Jonny Harris – both in Murdoch Mysteries AND Still Standing! So glad it has been renewed. Have PVd them all and can watch them more than once. Keep up the good work!

  3. I think this show is awesome, as is Jonny Harris! And; ‘Still Standing with Jonny Harris’ is a great idea. Wonderful Canadiana stuff.

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