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Links: Unusually Thicke – From Growing Pains to reno pains

From Dianne Daniel of Postmedia Network:

From Growing Pains to reno pains
You might think celebrities are immune from budgetary concerns. Not so. True to his small town Northern Ontario roots, Thicke still holds a “cheaper is better” school of thought and for the most part Callau goes along, repurposing seat cushions and ottomans where she can, and opting to save her original kitchen sink and faucet. Continue reading.

From Bill Harris of Postmedia Network:

Unusually Thicke under construction in second season
Thanks to Unusually Thicke: Under Construction, I now know what a pergola is.

“Well, I can help you with that,” said Alan Thicke. “An awning costs $1.95. A pergola costs big bucks.” Continue reading.