Daniel Morton’s The Traveller travels to Victoria and Vancouver (sponsored post)


When TV, eh? staged our Indiegogo-funded revival last year, one of the perks was a sponsored post in the form of a “Starring You” interview about the donor’s pet project, career, or organization. The following interview is with donor Daniel Morton about his upcoming Vancouver/Victoria Fringe play The Traveller.

Tell me about The Traveller: what do you hope audiences get from it and why was it something you wanted to write?

The Traveller is important both as a piece of entertainment (which it is, the harmonica and guitar accompaniment are wonderful and the performance is strong and engaging) but also as a real life cautionary tale of the sort we don’t see as much of any more. I wanted to write it after having settled down a little from travelling myself, and reflecting on many people I’ve known (both travellers and not) who seem obsessed with finding something “real” while neglecting what is right in front of them. So audiences who go check out the show will hopefully see something that is dark, but at the same time life affirming (it’s also quite funny in places).

How can people see it?

People in Vancouver or Victoria can see The Traveller when it comes to town as part of the Fringe Festivals. It’s at The Roxy Theatre in Victoria and Havana Theatre in Vancouver’s wonderful Commercial Drive area. Victoria runs from August 27 to September 6 and Vancouver from September 10 to 20. Everyone can find more information on either http://intrepidtheatre.com/shows/the-traveller/  (Victoria) or http://www.vancouverfringe.com.

What is it like collaborating on a piece with your fiancee as director?

Whew! That’s a bit of a tough one. We’ve had to figure out how to work together on this project, and it hasn’t always been easy. I think it is always tough for a writer (especially one like me who writes from a very strong visual place) to let go and accept some of the choices being made by a director, but when that director is someone really close to you it can be tough. That being said, I’ve been happy with everything Cecilia has done. She’s wildly talented and has made this piece so much stronger. We just have to make sure to take time out to ride bikes and go hiking and just be a normal couple as well.

What does actor/instrumentalist Max Kashetsky bring to the role?

Max has brought so much. First of all, he’s an amazing musician and the addition of music to the show was one that brought the most returns. Every time I hear him play guitar in certain parts of the show, I get goose bumps. Aside from that, Max is also very quick on his feet, and incredibly committed. I couldn’t imagine anyone else playing The Traveller.

Are you an “extreme traveller” yourself? 

Looking back, I’d say I probably was for a while. I got competitive and got into dividing people into “Travellers” and “Tourists”. I think it’s only after gaining a certain amount of maturity (and I’m far from completely there) that I can see that we are all just one people and we all want to see one world. People who want to get competitive about travel, or want to see things that are more dangerous or more dark … well, they are just missing the point. It’s life, man.

What are some of your works that you’re most proud of?

This piece. That’s all I have to say. I’m extremely proud of this play and seeing it up on stage was the biggest trip of my life. Aside from this, I’m also very happy with a play of mine called The Shoebox Philosopher which I made the choice to pull after one night (long story). In retrospect, I think it’s extremely funny and well done. Oh well.

What’s next for you?

Rest. Recuperation. Then I think I’m going to start work on a novel, which will be pretty go-go-go I would imagine. Also, Cecilia and I will be getting married.

Anything else you’d like to add?

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