Production Begins on CBC Comedy Special HumanTown

From a media release:

Buck Productions, the Coup Company, and CBC announced today that production has begun on the half-hour special HumanTown (@Human_Town), a sketch comedy that depicts everyday life in the deranged and eccentric town of HumanTown. The special is currently shooting in Hamilton, ON.

HumanTown is a story-driven sketch comedy that focuses on life in the bizarre town of the same name. Viewers follow the eccentric citizens, some of whom embrace the absurdity of their town while others continue to struggle with the ever-growing surrealism. Unlike most sketch shows,HumanTown is not an assortment of unrelated sketches. Events in one sketch often impact characters and environments in future sketches, creating a continuous universe for viewers to follow and invest in.

HumanTown took home $500,000 in production financing from CBC ComedyCoup, the disruptive studio model for independent content creators that helps develop, market, and build audiences for original TV comedy projects. HumanTown received the production financing in December 2014 and the project has since been in development.

HumanTown is a six-man comedy troupe based in Vancouver, comprising of Miles Chalmers, Daniel Doheny, Jack Heyes, Ki Kwiatkowski, Liam MacLeod, and Kane Stewart. The group met on their first day of high school in 2003, and for 12 hilarious years has been creating their own comedy content. HumanTown was a finalist in the NexTV WebSeries and Indie Film Competition; a finalist in Bite TV’s Webseries pitch competition; winners of The Comedy Network’s Exposed competition; and have now taken home the grand prize from CBC ComedyCoup.

HumanTown is executive produced by Sean Buckley (Coopers Christmas, Running Mates, Defendor, Pretend We’re Kissing). Showrunner and director is Vivieno Caldinelli (This Hour Has 22 Minutes, Hotbox, Picnicface). The series is written and co-created by Miles Chalmers, Daniel Doheny, Jack Heyes, Ki Kwiatkowski, Liam MacLeod, and Kane Stewart. HumanTown is produced by Buck Productions in association with CBC.


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