Links: Chris Haddock returns to CBC with new series The Romeo Section

From Marsha Lederman of The Globe and Mail:

Chris Haddock returns to CBC with new series The Romeo Section
Back after a long absence and an initially bitter separation from the CBC, Haddock has a new series premiering this week on the public broadcaster. The Romeo Section once again puts Vancouver centre stage. This time, rather than focusing on its grittier side, Haddock has much of the action take place in an academic setting modelled on the University of British Columbia. The series also gives the city’s Asian influences a much-deserved close-up. Continue reading.

From Heather M. of The Televixen:

Chris Haddock talks about The CBC’s new drama The Romeo Section
“Everything in my instincts is counterintuitive [to that]. There’s enough of a niche audience out there that likes my stuff that I [knew I could] hit that sweet spot with a show that is more British-influenced…a little bit quieter, a little bit slower placed,” he says. “I was really interested in capturing that quieter little corner, which I think people hunger for. I think there’s an adult audience out there that is hungry for stuff that doesn’t blow up nine times in the first three minutes. I’m trying to sneak in the back door and hope that I can.” Continue reading.