Link: ‘19-2,’ a Police Drama on Acorn TV, Is a Slow Burn

From Neil Gunslinger of The New York Times:

‘19-2,’ a Police Drama on Acorn TV, Is a Slow Burn
We’ve seen partners who don’t get along before, of course, but convention leads us to expect them to be thoroughly bonded by the end of the film or of the first episode. Not here. Detente comes slowly, and not easily.

That puts a lot of responsibility on the actors’ shoulders, and Mr. Holmes and Mr. Keeso work the prickly dynamic smartly. They have to, because the writers here (the show is based on a French-Canadian series) don’t resort to shootouts and chases every 10 minutes as some stateside procedurals do. There are major crimes in “19-2,” but there are far more minor ones, just as in real life. A domestic dispute call. A guy complaining that someone else’s car is blocking his driveway. A birthday party that has grown too loud. A man sitting naked in a coin laundry. Continue reading.