Link: Erin Karpluk Ventures Into New Territory on ‘Slasher’

From Melissa Girimonte of The Televixen:

Erin Karpluk Ventures Into New Territory on ‘Slasher’
“The town has really turned their back on Heather, and she’s become this reclusive, secluded, mentally unstable person. I can justify it and see where it’s coming from, but I feel like the town can’t quite empathize or understand her grief. I don’t know that they know the full truth, and I feel like my character thinks that she knows the full truth. She’s very isolated, and from that, she becomes a hoarder, which is a very normal thing. There are other things that I’ve created, and hopefully Aaron [Martin] and [director] Craig [David Wallace] are on board on with me on all these different layers that have made her the way that I see her written on the page.” Continue reading.