Links: Sensitive Skin

From Bill Brioux of the Canadian Press:

Sensitive Skin heads to Toronto’s islands in Season 2
When we last visited “Sensitive Skin,” things did not look good for Davina and Al. Particularly Al (played by Don McKellar), who was flatlining in a hospital after suffering a heart attack. Continue reading.

From Brad Oswald of the Winnipeg Free Press:

New wrinkle
As we age, change becomes difficult to contemplate and even harder to achieve. Sometimes, the only kind of change we can entertain is that which is forced upon us.

For Davina Jackson, the central character in the HBO series Sensitive Skin (played by Kim Cattrall), change is as uncomfortable as it is unavoidable. And as this clever Canadian comedy returns for a second season (Sunday, May 15, HBO Canada; check listings for time), change is also the most necessary element of her life. Continue reading. 

From Jeanne Beker of The Globe and Mail:

Kim Cattrall on feeling good in the skin she’s in
A lot of people say, “Gosh I didn’t know that Sensitive Skin was Canadian. I just thought it was filmed in Canada.” And I say, “No, this is a Canadian woman that I’m playing. It’s not an American woman.” Continue reading.

From Nelson Branco of 24 Hours Toronto:

Six and the City: Kim Cattrall returns in HBO Canada’s Sensitive Skin
“As I’ve gotten better, stronger, and more confident as an actor, I’ve allowed more of myself to be available in the parts I play. I like to reflect life in my work … it’s not all tragedy. There’s love, companionship, and humour, but there is loss too. I like the characters I play to balance those qualities because it only enriches the stories I try to tell.” Continue reading.