Link: Will CTV’s new morning show be ‘Canada AM: The Next Generation’?

From Bill Brioux of the Canadian Press:

Will CTV’s new morning show be ‘Canada AM: The Next Generation’?
t’s always a wrench when a long-running series or a favourite TV star says goodbye. Viewers who grew up with David Letterman still miss him a year after his 33-year late night stint ended. Michael Strahan caused a kerfuffle last month after bolting from “Live with Kelly & Michael” after just four years. When “The Simpsons” finally go, two or three generations of fans will have a cow. Continue reading.

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One thought on “Link: Will CTV’s new morning show be ‘Canada AM: The Next Generation’?”

  1. Another thing to consider is that Canada AM quit being a national show a while back when Western Canada CTV affiliates quit showing Canada AM cause no one there was watching. The problem with much of Daytime TV in Canada is that it is too Toronto-centric. We need a real national daytime talk show that appeals to people coast to coast to coast and honestly, in order for that to happen, the show would probably need to be located elsewhere, like Vancouver or Calgary. Its like in the U.S. where television is concentrated in both L.A. and NYC and they do a much better job at appealing nationally.

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