Link: Melanie Scrofano dominates as Wynonna Earp

From Megan Logan of Inverse:

This is How You Carry A Show: Melanie Scrofano Dominates As Wynonna Earp
If you haven’t gathered by now, we kind of think Wynonna Earp is TV’s latest and greatest oddball. A show about Wyatt Earp’s demon-killing great-great granddaughter, Wynonna Earp isn’t like anything else on television. Though it’s garnered comparisons to Buffy and Jessica Jones, it is unquestionably its own thing — its own weird, fantastic, bold, beautifully feminist story. Wynonna Earp is a breath of fresh air in a crowded TV landscape, thanks in large part to its strong female voices and its titular hero, who’s a gun-toting bonafide badass, even with powdered sugar on her nose. Continue reading.

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