Link: Pick-and-pay will be a shocker to some

From Jim Slotek of Postmedia Network:

Pick-and-pay will be a shocker to some
But the real shock to the Canadian TV industry — and some viewers — will come with the second part of the CRTC’s new regs: The long-awaited “pick-and-pay” cable option that is to be available nationwide by December.

Many are predicting that pick-and-pay, every TV watcher’s wish-dream for decades, will usher in an era where it isn’t people’s favourite programs — but their favourite channels — that get cancelled for low ratings. Continue reading.


One thought on “Link: Pick-and-pay will be a shocker to some”

  1. I think in today’s world, we don’t need 300 channels. If I had unlimited internet I would go to a Shomi/Cravetv/Netflix option with only the basicness of tv. For basic cable/satellite I’d only want a news channel, Sportsnet, TSN, CBC and APTN because news, sports, CBC shows and APTN shows aren’t streamed on Shomi/ Cravetv/Netflix. There’s enough kids shows on the streamers to satisfy too. My hubby would also want Wild TV. So basically, it’s the independant stations we’d want regular tv for because Corus and. Rogers shows can be found on Shomi and Bell shows we can find on Crave TV. News and sports, being live in nature would be the only Bell/Corus/Rogers things I’d want to watch live on tv since everything else of theirs is available commercial-free on their streaming services.

    Superchannel’s exorbitant cost to subscribe is the reason I never got it even if I wanted it. I wish they had just decided to be a regular cable channel.

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