Link: A lament for the days of bad Canadian TV

From Joel Rubinoff of Torstar News Service:

Link: A lament for the days of bad Canadian TV
All I hear about these days is the Golden Age of Television.

Mad Men, The Wire, Breaking Bad — shows that set a new standard for quality on the small screen the same way auteuristic films by Coppola and Scorsese did on the big one four decades ago.

But there’s another golden age, long lamented, fondly remembered, sporadically revisited, that also deserves attention: the Golden Age of Bad Canadian Television. Continue reading.


One thought on “Link: A lament for the days of bad Canadian TV”

  1. Many of the shows touted as stellar in their time south of the border wouldnt be considered as such today. Some shows hold up so well and others not so much.

    Canadian tv shows always did much better when they embraced their Canadian stories. I grew up with shows like North of 60, Road to Avonlea and Degrassi, which all hold up remarkably well today. Many of the shows listed in the article I missed the boat on as I must have been too young. However, Ive always steered clear of Canadian shows which act generic or pretend to be American. Leave the American stories to American nets/channels to make because they have the budget to do a much better job.

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