CFC welcomes ABC Signature Studios as associate sponsor of Bell Media Prime Time TV Program

From a media release:

The Canadian Film Centre (CFC) and Bell Media are pleased to welcome ABC Signature Studios as the new associate sponsor of the highly touted Bell Media Prime Time TV program. ABC Signature spearheads development and production in premium and basic cable,emerging platforms and off-cycle, direct-to-series programming. Their presence as both a sponsor and U.S. studio partner will directly benefit the Program and its participants, ensuring vital support for the Canadian production industry.

The Bell Media Prime Time TV Program, presented in association with ABC Signature delivers a real world story room experience, an intense professional and project development process for six to eight TV writers a year. Participants spend three months working on an original series intended for the marketplace under the mentorship of an experienced creator/showrunner delivering a rigorous story room experience while building strong collaborative team skills and creative partnerships. During the remaining two months, participants develop their own original series concept through a series of workshops and story sessions while also being exposed to key industry players through business and marketplace meetings.

The 2016/17 Program is set to begin in September 2016.


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