Production underway on fourth and final season of 19-2

From a media release:

Bravo announced today that production has begun on Season 4 of its hit original drama 19-2. Set to return to Bravo in 2017 for its final season, the eight-episode, hour-long drama, co-produced by Montréal’s Sphere Media Plus and Echo Media, films on location in Montréal until mid-December.

Season 4 finds the squad facing an eruption of events that force them together in the face of tragedy – the death of Nick’s sister, and Ben’s lover, Amelie. It is a season of personal growth and professional trials with beat partners Ben Chartier (Jared Keeso) and Nick Barron (Adrian Holmes) and the rest of the cops in 19 fighting corruption and seeking revenge.

Writers Bruce Smith (CRACKED), Nikolijne Troubetzkoy (CALL ME FITZ), Lynne Kamm (8 Count) return, with Jackie May (Van Helsing) and Greg Nelson (SAVING HOPE) joining the writer’s room this season. Louis Choquette (THIS LIFE, VERSAILLES) and Sturla Gunnarsson (MOTIVE) return to direct.


Winner of three, 2016 Canadian Screen Awards including Best Drama, 19-2 continues to rack up the accolades having been cited as a series that “defies expectations” by the New York Times, and “exciting” by the Wall Street Journal.

19-2 is co-produced by Sphère Média Plus and Echo Media in association with Bell Media, and also stars CSA-nominee and Gemeaux winner Laurence Lebeouf (MARCHE À L’OMBRE) as fiery officer Audrey Pouliot; CSA nominee Dan Petronijevic (SAVING HOPE) as angry beat-cop J.M.; CSA nominee Benz Antoine (THE LISTENER) as struggling alcoholic officer Tyler; Mylène Dinh-Robic (THE LISTENER) as Tyler’s brazen, no-nonsense partner Béatrice; Bruce Ramsay (CONTINUUM) as manipulative District Commander Marcel Gendron; and Alexander De Jordy (LETTERKENNY) as rookie cop Richard Dulac. CSA nominee Maxim Roy (SHADOWHUNTERS) returns to guest star as Nick’s ex-wife Isabelle.


3 thoughts on “Production underway on fourth and final season of 19-2”

  1. Excuse the foul language but wtf is with all these Canadian series ending so damn early? Its complete bulltweed. First Orphan Black announces its ending at 5, then X Company announces its ending at 3 and now 19-2 is ending at 4? What gives? IMO , when a series ends before the 65 episode mark, I feel shorted.

    1. I can’t speak with any kind of authority, but I wonder if these series end to clear the way for new CanCon? As in, you can’t have too many at once using up the funding? Like I said, I have absolutely no clue if that is part of the equation. Regardless, five seasons of Orphan Black, four of 19-2 and three of X Company is remarkable no matter what country the shows are created in.

    2. So true! X Company, 19-2, even Orphan Black could have gone on and on, (and Strange Empire too!) I would have watched! I love these shows!

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