Links: Second Jen

From Brad Wheeler of The Globe and Mail:

Link: Second Jen: A Laverne & Shirley for the digital age
Twentysomethings Joy and Wan are the creators, writers and stars of Second Jen, an original City sitcom about two sparky second-generation Asian-Canadian millennial women coming of age in an era so economically challenging that Laverne and Shirley would be crying in their beers instead of merrily goofing off at the bottling plant. Continue reading. 

From The Suburban:

Second Jen series focuses on the Asian-Canadian experience
“It’s a story about 20-something women-of-colour, created by 20-something women-of-colour – which is unique in and of itself. The best comedy comes from writing from your own experience, and there are so many things that young women and people of colour uniquely experience.” Continue reading.

From Arti Patel of The Huffington Post Canada:

New Canadian series Second Jen isn’t just an “Asian show”
A new Canadian comedy series wants to make one thing clear: it isn’t just an “Asian show.”

“Second Jen” is about two second-generation millennial women growing up with immigrant families.

Starring 26-year-old Chinese-Canadian actress Samantha Wan and Filipino-Canadian actress Amanda Joy, the show is reflective not only of their own experiences, but of many Canadians who grew up in Asian households. Continue reading. 

From Brad Oswald of the Winnipeg Free Press:

Amusing autumn ahead
Sharp, funny, slightly cheeky and smartly in tune with this country’s diverse demographic mix, Second Jen has been touted in some quarters as groundbreaking because it features two young Asian-Canadians in its lead roles. Continue reading.

From Fannie Sunshine of the North York Mirror:

Shot and set in Toronto, Second Jen airs Thursdays on City
Like most young people, the path to adulthood might begin with finding an apartment with a friend, finding a job, and finding a significant other.

And if that’s not daunting enough, add in cultural and generational issues to boot. Continue reading.