Corner Gas set to be dismantled today; self-directed walking tour of Dog River to launch summer 2017

From a media release:

The iconic CORNER GAS set will be dismantled beginning at 9 am MT today, the producers of the series confirmed today. The announcement was made as producers and the Town of Rouleau finalize plans on a Dog River Walking Tour in Summer 2017. The producers also confirmed discussions continue with Saskatchewan’s Western Development Museum (WDM) about a possible donation of iconic pieces from the CORNER GAS set.

The Gas Station and The Ruby are the epicentre of the fictional town of Dog River featured in the wildly popular franchise that includes Corner Gas: The Movie and six seasons of the CTV televised series CORNER GAS. Located at the junction of Highway 39, Weckman Drive and 1st Avenue, approximately 65 km southwest of Regina, the set has become a popular tourist destination.

The set was built as temporary structures in the summer of 2003 to shoot 13 episodes of the TV series over the course of a summer. When the show became an overnight sensation, the set’s life was extended to accommodate six seasons and a movie. But time and the elements have taken their toll. Built on a bog, the structures have been sinking over the years and the foundation is beyond repair. The set is no longer safe for public use and will therefore be dismantled on November 4, when the lease on the property expires.

About the Dog River Walking Tour & Commemorative Sign in Rouleau:

Next summer, the producers, in association with the Town of Rouleau, have plans to erect a CORNER GAS commemorative sign and detailed map of the Dog River Walking Tour. Fans can visit Rouleau and take a one-hour self-guided tour, which includes: the original site of the gas station, downtown Dog River, Oscar & Emma’s house, grain elevator, water tower and CORNER GAS character cutouts for photo opportunities. Postcard-sized maps will be available at the town hall and for download at


One thought on “Corner Gas set to be dismantled today; self-directed walking tour of Dog River to launch summer 2017”

  1. So the legacy of a top-rated comedy program for 6 years and promoted across the country by the CTV consortium of channels is destroyed. Never mind the fan base and scores of international tourists that ventured to see our “icon” on the bald prairie and the revenue that it brought into a farm base of some 500+ residents (we fortunately went 1000 miles there in Aug of 2014 to see for ourselves) maintenance could have restored it even the foundation with even some corporate funding (CTV eg,) to keep it alive and prosperous. Guess what, it was a rural town of some 500+ “65 km from nowhere” and now that is all that you have. Good luck on the “walk-around program ” a pathetic substitute, what will you tell them about the vacant lot!!!

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