Link: TVO dropping over-the-air transmission outside Toronto

From Danny Globerman of CBC News:

Link: TVO dropping over-the-air transmission outside Toronto
Ontario’s public broadcaster is about to become less available to the public.

TVO is eliminating its over-the-air signal, except in Toronto, on July 31 in an effort to save $1 million a year.

“This announcement reflects the reality of today’s media environment,” said TVO Chief Executive Officer Lisa de Wilde in a news release.

“TVO has to make tough choices about where to allocate resources in order to move forward with the strategic priorities of digital learning and high-quality current-affairs journalism, as well as cover inflationary pressures.” Continue reading.


3 thoughts on “Link: TVO dropping over-the-air transmission outside Toronto”

  1. How can it be that TVO can just ‘up’ and cancel television transmission? I live in Thunder Bay and rely on TVO for news, information, and drama. Is it possible I have misunderstood a CBC Radio announcement about such a cancellation? I am a retired person on a fixed budget and my TV antenna is my contact to TVO—can’t afford anything fancier! What’s going on?

    1. Hey Nancy. TVO is ceasing over-the-air transmission outside of Toronto. This will affect those who use an antenna to access their television channels. If you subscribe to cable television like Rogers, Bell or Shaw, you will continue to see TVO.

  2. Well, the black hole that is Toronto wins again. This just illustrates the regard or lack of that Queen’s Park holds the rest of Ontario in.

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