Links: Mary Kills People

From Jay Bobbin of OnTV Today:

Link: ‘Mary Kills People’ slays its star, Caroline Dhavernas
“She’s such a great character, it was a no-brainer for me when I saw the project come along. She’s so complex and packed with contradictions, it’s so fun to play as an actress. Also, along with the drama, there’s a level of comedy as well … so it’s a real treat.” Continue reading.

From Hank Stuever of the Washington Post:

Link: In Mary Kills People assisted suicide becomes a dangerous side business
Lifetime’s “Mary Kills People,” a six-episode series that is probably not destined to be new Supreme Court justice Neil M. Gorsuch’s favorite binge, is a provocatively compelling and occasionally nail-biting tale of an emergency-room doctor, Mary Harris (“Hannibal’s” Caroline Dhavernas), who is secretly running an assisted-suicide operation for patients who are terminally ill. Continue reading. 

From Bill Keveney of USA Today:

Link: Mary Kills People is Lifetime’s latest pivot (though she’s still in peril)
In breaking through a crowded TV landscape, it’s hard to top the title of Lifetime’s new drama, Mary Kills People (Sunday, 10 ET/PT).

Mary Harris (Caroline Dhavernas, Hannibal) saves lives as an emergency-room doctor, but she moonlights as a Dr. Kevorkian-style mercy killer, secretly helping a few terminally ill people end their lives. Partnering with a plastic surgeon (Richard Short) who’s lost his medical license, Mary considers physician-assisted suicide moral, but she also knows it’s illegal. Continue reading.

From Erin Donnelly of Refinery29:

Link: Caroline Dhavernas defends Mary Kills People’s controversial premise
“Things have changed in Canada recently. Last June a law was passed that enabled doctors to help their patients that way. So things have evolved a little bit recently here. And in Quebec, the province I live in, the health minister was just talking about maybe including, eventually, people with dementia, so we’re starting to talk about mental illnesses and things like that. It’s interesting, and many countries in the world are having this debate. I think we should have it more often, which is one of the reasons why I was so interested to make a show about it.” Continue reading.

From Niki Cruz of AM NewYork:

Link: Caroline Dhavernas gets dark for Mary Kills People
“To me, she’s the same person with her own contradictions and her own passions. She’s helping people survive and she’s helping people who are done with suffering die in peace. She doesn’t want to leave people alone in this. She knows that if she doesn’t help, they will be left alone with this decision.” Continue reading.

From Philiana Ng of Entertainment Tonight:

Link: Mary Kills People star Caroline Dhavernas embraces the bizarre
“I like when things are completely absurd. I love that people will step away [from] what has already been done and pre-chewed. I like when people take risks. I want to be able to challenge myself and challenge the viewer and challenge the back of our mind — the subconscious mind. I’m a big fan of Twin Peaks and any show that will fall into that type of dream-like weird stuff.” Continue reading.

From Robert Lloyd of the L.A. Times:

Link: Complications come quick in Lifetime’s assisted-suicide drama Mary Kills People
Grounded and believable, with the dry, witty, old-fashioned self-assurance of a Barbara Stanwyck or Katharine Hepburn, Dhavernas shades her comedy with drama, and playing drama is never more than a breath away from comedy; her presence distracts you from the occasional bare spot on the carpet, the smudge on the walls, the crack in the ceiling. Continue reading.