Link: Leaderless CRTC Is Adrift And Without A Mission

From Michael Morin of the Huffington Post:

Link: Leaderless CRTC Is Adrift And Without A Mission
Is the CRTC adrift without a mission?

At a time of unprecedented change, cultural industries need to decide on their future investments, not civil servants that see the industry as “the enemy.” The regulator must take technological change into account, show long-term vision and be capable of working with the industry. Continue reading.


One thought on “Link: Leaderless CRTC Is Adrift And Without A Mission”

  1. Australians watch majority Aussie Content. Brits watch majority Brit Content. That’s because the majority of their money gets spent on making their own Content worth watching. But Canadians watch almost entirely AmeriCon, because almost all of our money is spent producing it or buying it. Only a fraction gets spent on Canada Content, so most of it is not worth watching. And that’s because Americans want it that way. The CRTC and almost the entire industry in Canada helps them achieve it, and most Canadians whine for more of it, being too stupid to realize they are being robbed blind and taken to the cleaners.

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