Viceland Canada announces new fall shows and returning favourites

From a media release:

November 3rd @ 10pm marks the return of the critically acclaimed and festival favourite series “NIRVANNA THE BAND THE SHOW.” Adapted from the webseries of the same title, the show centers on Matt (Matt Johnson) and Jay (Jay McCarrol), a hapless two-piece Toronto “band” who will do anything to play a show at The Rivoli. Season 2 takes their harebrained schemes to get on stage to new heights as their plans continue to inevitably, yet delightfully, going awry.

November 3rd @ 10:30pm also marks the premiere of “FUBAR: AGE OF COMPUTER.” Taking the beloved film franchise and hurtling it into the modern age, the eight-part, half-hour series, reunites director Michael Dowse and stars David Lawrence and Paul Spence in their original roles as Terry and Dean. The series opens with Terry (Lawrence) and Dean (Spence) fleeing from the wildfires of Fort McMurray, in a desperate retreat to Calgary, with nothing but emergency government debit cards to their names. Terry and Dean retreat to Terry’s cousin Shank’s illegal basement suite in Calgary, where Terry discovers high-speed Internet and Dean embarks on an epic journey to record his concept album, ‘3069.’