Links: Bad Blood

From Tony Wong of the Toronto Star:

Link: Tales of Canada’s Teflon Don captivated producer behind TV series Bad Blood
It wasn’t a good omen.

The first day of filming on his Montreal Mafia series Bad Blood, executive producer Mark Montefiore turned up on set to see the crew reading newspaper reports on the assassination of underworld figure Vincenzo Spagnolo.

Spagnolo was reputedly the lieutenant of deceased crime boss Vito Rizzuto. And executive producer Montefiore just happened to be doing a TV series based on Rizzuto’s life. Continue reading.

From Bill Brioux of The Canadian Press:

Link: Actor Paul Sorvino won over by role of Nicolo Rizzuto, script for Montreal Mafia series
It was December, not exactly prime tourist time in the Ontario city some 400 kilometres north of Toronto. But Sorvino made a point of seeing the sights while he was there shooting City’s upcoming six-part series “Bad Blood,” a project he says won him over with its great script. Continue reading.

From Melissa Girimonte of The Televixen:

Link: The Cast of Bad Blood Talks About this Unique Crime Tale
Six-part event series Bad Blood kicks off tonight on City, and it is really unlike any other mafia story we’ve seen. Inspired by the story of Montreal’s famous mobster Vito Rizzuto, it filmed in both Montreal and Sudbury, ON last winter. Produced by New Metric Media and Sphere Media Plus, it is loosely based on the book Business Or Blood: Mafia Boss Vito Rizzuto’s Last War by Antonio Nicaso and Peter Edwards. Continue reading.

From Bill Brownstein of the Montreal Gazette:

Link: Plenty of Bad Blood will be spilled in Rizzuto TV series
Montreal is the backdrop for our very own take on The Sopranos, with a tinge of The Godfather and Goodfellas tossed in for good measure. But whether the focus be on good or bad guys, Montrealers — who often possess a twisted notion of civic pride — tend to get a kick out of seeing famed native sons and daughters on screen. And that’s precisely what we have here. Continue reading.