Enterprise Pictures announces plans and partial slate

Toronto-based Enterprise Pictures is excited to announce their inaugural television and feature film slate. The company is engaged in ongoing discussions with various U.S. advisors and studios to raise equity in exchange for distribution rights to the company’s robust slate. Stay tuned for additional announcements in the coming weeks. Enterprise Pictures is the brainchild of Matthew Robillard, an ex-investment banker at Osprey Capital who previously developed cable network Channel Canada, and launched multi-platform entertainment brand ComedyLab Entertainment.

Enterprise Pictures is developing eleven television series and fourteen feature films. Highlights listed below:

Television Slate

The Opportunist is a one-hour crime thriller about the Opportunist and his clandestine army of operatives who prey on the criminal super rich by conning them out of their ill-gotten billions. Each season targets a different billionaire operating in an exotic, tax-friendly jurisdiction i.e. Singapore, Monte Carlo, Silicon Valley, Geneva. Season one targets the sociopathic leader of a money-mad, Scientology-like cult that gets exposed, then chased out of the country by the U.S. Department of Justice, with the Opportunist and his team slowly enveloping the target in a web of intrigue, disinformation and misdirection. Pilot written.

Ninja is an action drama about a multi-generational family of Ninja assassin-spies who fight desperately to survive and prosper during feudal Japan’s bloody and treacherous civil war. To be shot on location in Japan utilizing authentic samurai-era historical sites, and starring a cast of English-speaking actors of Japanese heritage. Pilot written.

FunHouse is a comedy drama about six stand-up comics who all eat, sleep, laugh and love in a big, old mansion they call the ‘Funhouse’. Between performing comedy gigs on-stage and holding down hellish part-time jobs, the cast gradually chisel out successful careers in the roller coaster world of comedy. Pilot written.

Treasure Island is a competition reality series about twelve people trapped on an exotic, deserted island. They must compete or co-operate to win a $5.0 million treasure buried somewhere on the island. Physical and augmented-reality clues planted by the ‘Puzzle Master’ host help the cast solve a ‘Genius Puzzle’ that ultimately reveals the treasure’s secret location.