Links: Second Jen, Season 2

From Tamara Shephard of the Toronto Star:

Link: Second Jen’s multicultural cast resonates with actor Lovell Adams-Grey
Etobicoke-born-and-raised actor, writer and producer Lovell Adams-Gray fits right in with the multicultural cast of OMNI Television’s Second Jen. Continue reading.

From Dana Gee of the Vancouver Sun:

Link: Second Jen is back and taking aim at hot topics
“Our style of comedy can be a little larger than life; however, the kernels of all the stories are true. From the wall squirrels to growing pains of friendship, Amanda and I have pulled from events in our life or our friends’ lives.” Continue reading.

From Kelly Townsend of The TV Junkies:

Link: Second Jen creators Samantha Wan and Amanda Joy on navigating adulthood in Season 2
Leaving home is never easy, but one Canadian series is showing that the journey into adulthood can be just as fun and messy as it is stressful and overwhelming. Continue reading. 

From Peter Hendra of The Whig-Standard:

Link: Director takes a generational approach
“While I had done comedy, I think being a second-generation Filipino, (or) being second-generation Chinese, or being second-generation any immigrant group, there are things that are common with all of us, whether you’re male or female, gay or straight.” Continue reading.