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Citytv’s #1 original scripted hit series Hudson & Rex greenlit for Season 3

From a media release:

Who let the dogs out?! As announced on Breakfast Television this morning, Hudson & Rex – Citytv’s highest-rated original scripted series* – is back with more bite as it returns for Season 3. Produced by Shaftesbury and Pope Productions Ltd., in association with Citytv and Beta Film GmbH, the new 16-episode season is bound to deliver more action and heartwarming moments with the return of beloved duo John Reardon as Detective Charlie Hudson (@JohnHBReardon) and Diesel vom Burgimwald as Rex (@hudsonandrex).

Working within the provincial guidelines, production for Season 3 is scheduled to begin this July with the paw-some duo investigating new high-profile crimes and sniffing out mysteries for the St. John’s Police Department. Sold to more than 100 Territories including Italy, Germany, and France, Hudson & Rex will continue to be filmed in St. John’s, Nfld, where the series is set. Starring alongside John Reardon and Diesel are returning cast members Mayko Nguyen (@maykohaixep) as Dr. Sarah Truong, Kevin Hanchard (@KevinHanchard) as Superintendent Joseph Donovan, and Justin Kelly (@IsJustKelly) as Tech Analyst Jesse Mills.

Viewers can catch up on the first two seasons on the Citytv NOW app for iOS, Android, and fourth-generation Apple TV.  Details on broadcast dates for Season 3 will be announced in the coming weeks.


11 thoughts on “Citytv’s #1 original scripted hit series Hudson & Rex greenlit for Season 3”

  1. The CityTV Now app still requires you to be a cable subscriber though, right? Sigh, my family likes watching this show together but we don’t have cable.

    1. Love the show. We don’t get here in NewYork but I was able to purchase it online. Wish they would show in here but they seem to be only interested in reality shows.

  2. Love this show. It is all about creating characters that are believable and fun. Also having creative and realistic storylines with scene presentations that are equally realistic. As a retired coroner and embalmer I am a little more critical on how scenes are staged and I always enjoy watching how you have brought an episode to life.
    Would love to see Charlie and Rex go on a couple of road trips under the premise of going to Toronto, Vancouver, Victoria for a detectives conference and helping locals solve impressive cases. That would be fun!
    Also a little romance between Charlie an Sarah would be great and if during an episode go back to remind or tell folks how Charlie came to be partnered with Rex.
    Looking forward to season 3.

  3. My favorite show! I am so relieved it’s coming back!
    Contrary to the above writer, I really like that there is no romance between Charlie and Sarah because romances always end: All the characters support one another; a fairly rare situation in TV scripts.
    And I love the fact it’s in St. Johns. It’s so remote from most of us in Canada it totally adds to the charm. A show like this could only come from Atlantic Canada.
    Yes, yes, yes!! Keep on solving them S.J.P.D.
    Elizabeth Z. Victoria, BC

  4. Looking forward to it from this side of the Atlantic. I’ve been a massive fan since Vienna times and see Rex going strong still is wonderful.

    Also, I not-so-low-key want Charlie and Sarah to get together.

    PS. I would seriously pay for a crossover with the Rome cast. Carlo Pappini would eat Jesse with garlic Bread in less than five minutes.

  5. Best show ever! Dog lovers heaven. Rex is endearing.

    Road trips would be great. We appreciate or friendly and picturesque landscape. Don’t forget to let Sarah navigate.

    An all around feel good show.

    1. Yes really looking forward to enjoying season 3 of this wonderful show on City tv

  6. Yes, am glad Hudson & Rex will be airing again!!! Just Love the show, & John Reardon and Rex!!! Thanks!

  7. Love love love this show. John Reardon has it all. Charm, good looks and acting, not bad. Now he has a great partner.
    Rex (diesel vom burgimwald) is so handsome and such a smart dog. Almost forget that John is acting with a dog. They are good together and the program is so real. Thank goodness no reality show is taking the place of this well
    acted and scripted show. Good stuff. The cast are all suited for their parts, well done guys. They keep it so real. And they have the information up to date regarding medical and computer knowledge. Keep up the good writing and the good stories. No love stuff please. Except between man and dog. LOL

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