Rotating Planet Productions’ Zamzoom’s Animal Adventures comes to TVOkids

From a media release:

TVOkids and Montreal-based Rotating Planet Productions proudly present Zamzoom’s Animal Adventures—an imaginative, educational and hilarious new television program for ages five and up.

A 2D animation/live-action hybrid series (21 episodes X 4 minutes), Zamzoom’s Animal Adventures takes kids on an unforgettable wildlife adventure across planet Earth. In each episode, we join Zamzoom, an enthusiastically impulsive space-alien explorer, and Orbie, his sharp-as-a-whistle robot partner, as they spin the globe, point and go! Light years from home, they land in some of Earth’s most stunning landscapes, such as the expansive grasslands of East Africa and the humid rainforests of South America. Coming face-to-face with an eclectic cast of real-life animals, Zamzoom and Orbie learn about what makes each species unique—from the secret language of marmots to the diving skills of northern gannets. They also answer questions such as “Why do hyenas laugh?” and “How do bees make tasty honey?”

Though they’re very different from one another, Zamzoom and Orbie make one intrepid duo! While Zamzoom jumps into any and all experiences without reservation, Orbie accesses Earth’s database to provide amazing facts and vital information that keeps Zamzoom out of trouble. (Although sometimes Orbie resorts to physically yanking Zamzoom out of trouble with the extendable robo-arm!) Together, Zamzoom and Orbie provide bite-sized brain snacks of science and loads of laughs as they embark on an intergalactic expedition of a lifetime!

Colourful, vibrant and entertaining, Zamzoom’s Animal Adventures captures the excitement of nature and wildlife and the sense of exploration and curiosity that comes hand-in-hand with growing up. Anything is possible, and the universe is open to be discovered!

Rotating Planet Productions, based out of Montreal, Quebec, produces and distributes a vast catalogue of wildlife and social documentaries, TV series, short films and children’s programs. Ari A. Cohen, producer and director, has created award-winning and internationally-acclaimed programs for more than twenty years, collaborating with the writers of Zerby Derby and The Adventures of Napkin Man! to bring this new Canadian series to life.