15 thoughts on “Link: Murdoch Mysteries stars share behind-the-scenes secrets”

  1. Murdoch is my favorite show. Too bad America can’t have as brilliant shows with plot instead of reality junk. Been watching 8 years now.

    1. Excuse me? Just FYI, we do have the internet in America too, even all the way down in Florida (that’s in the southern most point of the USA). I’ve watched it since the first season.

      1. Glad you like Murdoch. Yannick Bisson is so easy on the eyes too. If you are interested in seeing a little more of Canada try and get the series “Still Standing”. Jonny Harris (George Crabtree) from Newfoundland produces, writes and hosts a half hour show. He takes his act all over Canada highlighting small towns that have gone through so many troubles and adversity but they’re still going hence the name. The past 20 months have been so terrible for everyone having to not travel for most of us. This show has given me the chance to see and learn a little about other parts of Canada that would otherwise be a mystery to me. Jonny is quite funny too. I’m sure there’s a lot of equally beautiful locations in the U.S. as well. Anyway stay strong and keep safe. Lynnie Oakville Ontario Canada. That’s on Lake Ontario. 👍

  2. I have not been able to see Murdoch Mysteries for a very long time. I don’t have pay tv or any kind of cable, dish, etc.. how can I watch it for it is a wonderfully interesting show.

    1. If you have a newer samsung tv plus you can watch it on ion tv plus every Friday Saturday and Sunday. But it doesn’t have the last couple of seasons.

  3. I have enjoyed this series since inception. All of the corky plots an inventions to aid in the crime prevention and solving and how detective Murdock seems to always come out on top. His cast of characters leaves nothing more than an inventive series a mishaps.

  4. My favourite show. Hope it’s on for a long time to come. It makes me smile and sometimes laugh. The characters are well matched and portrayed. The acting is pretty good too. The stories are good with some history mixed in. Sometimes brings a few years. Canada has a lot of talent.

  5. Watching Murdock is like watching true life everything that happens in there actually you think it can happen I like to show of what’s it since it’s beginning I found it on satellite before they had to pay for the show it’s great I like it

  6. I watched every season on prime video (13 or 14). My wife and I loved the show’s . We also are Floridians in the Daytona area. How can we watch seasons 14-19 or 20? Thanks

  7. We get CBC here in Toledo Ohio so we watch it every day at 3 pm and every Monday night great show

  8. We really enjoyed the first episode of Murdoch Mysteries and can hardly wait for part 2 of “The Things We Do For Love”. It’s exciting that there will be 24 episodes this season. We are really looking forward to what the writers and actors have in store for us.

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