Links: Hudson & Rex, Season 5

From Kaitkynn Nordal of Saltwire:

Link: New face coming to season five of Hudson & Rex: Crime-fighting cops will see new forensic pathologist added to the team
Audiences will have a new friendship to watch unfold this fall in Hudson & Rex’s Sarah Truong and the team’s newest member, Karma Poole. Continue reading.

From Steve Gidlow of MediaVillage:

Link: “Hudson & Rex” Star Kevin Hanchard Has Nothing But Praise for His Canine Co-Star
“Sometimes you get these great pilots and quirky, interesting, fantastic shows that never end up going anywhere. You go, ‘This is really cool, I hope this goes somewhere’ and cross your fingers. Hudson & Rex was one of those quirky, interesting shows.” Continue reading.

From Mike Moore of CBC:

Link: Woof! St. John’s shuts down illegal hair salon … that turns out to be a Hudson & Rex set
A television show about a dog detective recently managed to fool a St. John’s neighbourhood — and even a city inspector. Continue reading.


2 thoughts on “Links: Hudson & Rex, Season 5”

  1. I was happy to see that Hutson and Sarah got together. I really love the show and Rex is something else.What an amazing dog.Well put together show.I look forward to the rest of the season.Thanks

  2. Love the Hudson&Rex show! Did I miss the show when Hudson & Sara finally decide to become a couple? Glad to see it happened. Merry christmas everyone! Heather S

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