Production begins on new tween Murdoch Mysteries spinoff Macy Murdoch for CBC Gem

From a media release:

Shaftesbury announced today that production is now underway on Macy Murdoch (8×11), a new CBC Gem original tween series that follows the adventures of Detective William Murdoch’s time-travelling great-great-great-granddaughter. A spinoff of Shaftesbury and CBC’s hit long-running drama Murdoch Mysteries based on novels written by Maureen Jennings, the series is currently shooting in Toronto and will debut on CBC Gem in spring 2023.

Sixteen-year-old Macy is a forensic wunderkind who unravels a century-old mystery with the help of her two friends Zane and Billie. When a villain uses a time machine to frame famous Edwardian-era Detective William Murdoch for murder, Macy and her friends travel back in time to find the real perpetrator of the crime. Not only are the teens trying to crack a difficult case, but the trio are undercover, trying to solve a mystery in 1910 without the help of modern technology.

Macy Murdoch captures the playful, mystery-loving spirit of Murdoch Mysteries with Canadian Screen Award-winner Shailyn Pierre-Dixon (Pretty Hard Cases, The Book of Negroes) co-leading the series with Beau Han Bridge who plays Zane, and Raffa Virago as Billie. The series will have a special guest appearance by Spencer West, while Shanice Banton (“Mrs. Violet Hart”) and Lachlan Murdoch (“Constable Henry Higgins-Newsome”) from the beloved CBC series will appear in the series as guides to help the young detectives absolve Murdoch of a crime he did not commit.

The digital series is directed by Laurie Lynd with showrunner Jennifer Kassabian and Co-EP Robina Lord Stafford.  The series was initially developed by JP Larocque and Jessica Meya. For CBC, Sally Catto is General Manager, Entertainment, Factual and Sports; Marie McCann is Senior Director, Children’s Content, CBC Kids; and Lisa Cinelli is Executive in Charge of Production, Children’s and Youth Programming.


10 thoughts on “Production begins on new tween Murdoch Mysteries spinoff Macy Murdoch for CBC Gem”

  1. Sounds like fun! … Re: MM: Looks like it’s back on track with Murdoch and Mysteries front and center, along with lovely Jilliam moments. Hopefully no more multiple subplots, multiple plot holes, crazy ladies, recurring villains (until Ralph’s brain is in a jar, I believe he’s still lurking out there but keeping fingers crossed he won’t return), escapes from the constabulary and kidnappings (both overused and tiresome plot devices). I realize show can be fanciful but prefer it when tethered to known science of the time and reality. Example: Tom jumping up after surgery to rescue Julia #1504. It should’ve been Miss Cherry bopping the bad guy on the head with a shovel. Julia: “How did you do that with one hand?” Louise: “I did my finger exercises!” The joke was set up in the beginning of the episode! AND, it’s realistic: Exercise would make her arms and hands stronger. … Love the show. Here’s to many more seasons!

  2. Really!? You gotta be kidding me – cant they come up with originals anymore? And whats with the obligatory black actress – why not a decent series for a young black woman instead of a spinoff?

  3. Love, love, love this series. It’s witty and fun and I love all the actors and plots. It stands head and shoulders above most US TV. I look forward to watching it every week. Please continue to make this wonderful show.

    1. I’m with you Ms Martin! I love MM as well. I just love the way they make reference to the 2000s while they work in the 1900s. I never watch the new US stuff b/c it’s all so depressing to me. I hope MM goes on for another 16 seasons! I think some people dissect things too much and don’t enjoy it for what it is.
      I think the spin-off will very good. My granddaughter will be watching the spin-off in history class. Excellent!

  4. I can’t wait!!! I just finished the Murdock mysteries and loved it. Hurry up guys! Not much decent to watch anymore.

  5. Love everything about Murdoch Mysteries and am thrilled to hear about this new entry in the Murdochverse. The time traveling sounds like a clever concept wholly worthy of Murdochism. Perhaps James Pendrick will be involved?

  6. Murdock Mysteries is the best of TV in this day and age . I am so proud of this Canadian production from the writers , producers, directors and all the actors . Love the life lessons , history & humour . I have learned so much more . It is truly a family production. When I feel stressed or tired any day or night I stream an episode and unwind .
    PS …still a very active senior now & still I wish I could be an extra one day for my grandchildren.

  7. positively enamored with this show! I love the characters and story lines. Not to mention period costumes…so lovely! Hope for many more seasons of the great, entertaining MM!

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