Links: Three Pines

From Murtz Jaffer of the Toronto Star:

Link: For Alfred Molina, playing Armand Gamache in ‘Three Pines’ is a privilege
Alfred Molina is used to playing just about every kind of character imaginable over an impressive 44-year career, but his latest project presented a different type of challenge. Continue reading.

From Johanna Schneller of The Globe and Mail:

Link: Three Pines, based on Louise Penny’s wildly successful novels, arrives on screen
Three Pines, the new Prime Video series premiering Dec. 2, began as ought-to-be-Canadian and ended up yes-Canadian-enough. Continue reading.

From Elisabetta Bianchini of Yahoo:

Link: ‘Three Pines’: Alfred Molina’s most affecting work comes in Canadian drama focused on Indigenous stories
Alfred Molina may be best known for his work in films like Spider-Man 2 and Boogie Nights, but it’s a new Canadian-based Prime Video series from Amazon Studios, Three Pines (premiering Dec. 2), adapted from Louise Penny’s best-selling books, that may be his most affecting piece of work yet, co-starring Elle-Máijá Tailfeathers. Continue reading.

From Brian Tallerico of Roger

Link: Alfred Molina Grounds Smart Mystery Series on Prime Video
The latest in the genre is a pleasant little surprise at the end of 2022, a very solid procedural that hands the inspector’s notebook to the great Alfred Molina, who steps into the role of Chief Inspector Armand Gamache, a character made famous in a series of prevalent novels by Canadian Louise Penny. Continue reading.

From Michael Hogan of The Telegraph:

Link: Three Pines, review: humdrum Canadian crime drama is thawed by Molina’s kindly sleuth
Radiating intelligence and looking soulfully out at the world from beneath those beetling brows, Molina was born to play a shrewd-but-kindly sleuth. Continue reading.

From Rosemary Counter of Vanity Fair:

Link: This Time, Louise Penny Thinks She Got It Right
But nobody loves the character more than Penny herself, as Chief Inspector Gamache is based on her late husband. No wonder, then, that she wasn’t quick or keen to give up (some) creative control of the character to Left Bank, producer of The Crown. Continue reading.

From Derek Lawrence of Vanity Fair:

Link: Alfred Molina Thinks He May Have Found the Best Role of His Career
“I fell in love with the books. I think what mainly drew me was the complexity of the character, how multi-layered he was, and how very different he was from a lot of detectives that we see on TV.” Continue reading.

From Brendan Kelly of the Montreal Gazette:

Link: Three Pines adapts Louise Penny’s bestselling detective novels
It will be interesting to see if Québécois viewers will take issue with the fact that a British actor was chosen to play Chief Inspector Armand Gamache in the Amazon Prime adaptation of Quebec author Louise Penny’s bestselling detective novels. Continue reading.

From Michael Pickard of Drama Quarterly:

Link: Deer in the spotlight
Now, for her latest project, Deer has joined the directing roster of Three Pines, a Prime Video series based on Louise Penny’s novels about Chief Inspector Armand Gamache. Filmed in Montreal and Quebec, the show stars Alfred Molina as Gamache, who is called upon to investigate a spate of murders in the seemingly idyllic village of Three Pines, where he must uncover long-buried secrets and face up to a few ghosts from his own past. Continue reading.