Say her name! Bell Media inks development deal with world-renowned entertainer Priyanka

From a media release:

Bell Media announced today it is teaming up with world-renowned entertainer, musical artist, and first-ever winner of Canada’s Drag Race, Priyanka, on a multi-faceted partnership which includes a development deal and a first-look acquisition opportunity on international projects. 

In addition to the development deal, as announced on ETALK last night with her debut appearance, Priyanka joins Canada’s most-watched entertainment news program as a special contributor, bringing her interview and hosting skills to the studio, the field, and on the red carpet. ETALK airs weeknights at 7 p.m. ET, on CTV,, and the CTV app.

This pact serves as a direct pipeline between Priyanka and Bell Media to create original premium content, that looks to showcase underrepresented and unique perspectives, ideas, and people, as well as unique client integration opportunities. As part of the development deal, Priyanka serves as executive producer on these projects, and has already begun developing ideas. 

About Priyanka

Multi-hyphenate entertainer Priyanka is taking the world by storm; across stages, screens, and digital streaming platforms. With unmatchable star power and charisma, Priyanka was first introduced to audiences as “Suki” on legendary children’s network, YTV, before her iconic 2020 crowning as the first-ever winner of the inaugural season of Crave Original series, CANADA’s DRAG RACE. With her recent debut, EP Taste Test, hitting more than 15 million streams, and a debut album coming later this year, her work both on screen and behind the scenes as a producer, and launching the viral hit single “Come Through”, as part of “Priyanka Cinematic Universe”, Priyanka brings an unmatched prowess to the industry, always reaching new heights.


One thought on “Say her name! Bell Media inks development deal with world-renowned entertainer Priyanka”

  1. Seems harmless at first glance. Then again, CTV (Bell) is up against the massive power of the citizen’s (taxpayers) network – the CBC – so sensationalism matters. Eyeballs need to be shocked (ref. Priyanka ). To hell with quality docs, education, nature shows and such…. that’s for the BBC, TVO and PBS! After all, the lowest audience ‘target’ of all programs — Ridiculousness — is broadcast daily on MuchTV; that show trumps all others in total stupidity! Dangerous human stunts sell in today’s TV market. It a race to the bottom here in Canada and it appears there is no way to predict the next low-hanging success story. Maybe the CBC could somehow counter Priyanka with a new series about still pissed-off, non-vaxed truckers now working in bars, McDonalds or Quebec strip-joints. Casting should be easy.

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