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From Debra Yeo of the Toronto Star:

Link: TV version of Jeff Lemire’s ‘Essex County’ tells ‘beautiful, emotional, magical stories about ordinary people’
As the TV series “Essex County” begins, a boy in a red cape stands staring at a field of wheat. There’s a vulnerability in the sight of the back of his curly head and exposed neck, but he determinedly straps a black mask over his face, clenches his fists, closes his eyes and rises into the air while a woman in a white dress smiles at him. Continue reading.

From Barry Hertz of The Globe & Mail:

Link: Inside Essex County’s superheroic journey from Canadian comics breakthrough to CBC epic
A young boy stands out in the middle of a field, the crops reaching up to his knees. He’s wearing a slim black mask around his eyes, and a bright red cape is tied around his neck, fluttering in the wind. He takes a breath, concentrates and then smirks as his feet lift off the ground, the opening act of a superhero origin story yet to be fully written. Except that this Smallville-esque moment arrives in the first episode of Essex County, a new limited television series set in rural Ontario that has nothing to do with comic books. Well, almost nothing. Continue reading.

From Joe Belanger of the London Free Press:

Link: Young London teen stars in Essex County TV series
Essex County, based on the graphic novel by Jeff Lemire, stars London’s Finlay Wojtak-Hissong, a 13-year-old Grade 8 student at St. Michael Catholic elementary school. The show is on CBC at 9 p.m. and can be streamed on CBC Gem. Continue reading.


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