Links: Son of a Critch, Season 3

From Alex Nino Gheciu of The Canadian Press:

Link: Mark Critch looks back on his awkward teen years in Season 3 of ‘Son of a Critch’
Mark encounters even more teen awkwardness in Season 3. His confidence takes a hit when he discovers he needs glasses, and he finds himself in emotional turmoil when he competes in an academic quiz against his crush. Continue reading.

From Elisabetta Bianchini of Yahoo News:

Link: ‘Son of a Critch’: Mark Critch on Benjamin Evan Ainsworth recreating his embarrassing moments
“I was excited to do that, to say goodbye to that school, move on to high school. I think there’s a lot of growth and change, and coming into your own in this season, which has been a lot of fun.” Continue reading.

From Dana Gee of the Vancouver Sun:

Link: Son of a Critch co-star says Season 3 has both heartbreaking and heartwarming moments
“All of us are growing up and exploring new interests and expressing ourselves in different ways. And I think it’s really special getting to see all of us grow up and change through the seasons.” Continue reading.

From Larry Fried of That Shelf:

Link: Interview: Malcolm McDowell and Mark Critch on SON OF A CRITCH Season 3
That Shelf sat down with Son of a Critch stars Malcolm McDowell and Mark Critch (also creator and writer) to discuss returning for the show’s third season, McDowell’s admiration for Newfoundland, and how Critch helped pay tribute to fellow Canadian William Shatner in the show’s special Star Trek homage. Continue reading.

From Niagara-on-the-Lake Local:

Link: Niagara-on-the-Lake actor speaks of her role in Son of a Critch
Those who know actor Nora McLellan might have trouble picturing her as a mean, threatening nun whose main job as school principal is to terrify unruly students into submission with a stern look and a wooden ruler in hand. Continue reading.

From Global’s The Morning Show:
Link: Mark Critch and Benjamin Ainsworth on season 3 of ‘Son of a Critch’