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5 reasons to watch Satisfaction

From Anne T. Donahue of Yahoo Canada:

5 reasons you need to watch ‘Satisfaction’
“Satisfaction,” CTV’s newest original sitcom, has earned a deserved push not just from its network, but from Canadian comedy fans. Created by Tim McAuliffe (“The Office,” “Late Night With Jimmy Fallon”), and starring Luke Macfarlane, Leah Renee, and Ryan Belleville, the series melds modern shooting techniques (like jump cuts and flashbacks) with classic sitcom premises, creating a sharp, warm series Canadian viewers can be proud of.” McAuliffe, Macfarlane, and Renee spoke to omg! TV and gave us five reasons you should tune in to “Satisfaction” every Monday on CTV. Continue reading.


New Monday: Satisfaction

Satisfaction, CTV – “The Wind Beneath My Wingman”

After running into a college friend who has since dropped out of school, Jason (Luke Macfarlane) begins to question his own life path. After looking at his vision board, the only plausible thing left to achieve is to perform music live. Never having heard his music, Maggie (Leah Renee) signs him up for open mic night at the bar, but quickly regrets her decision. Meanwhile, Mark (Ryan Belleville) is stuck in a dating dry spell, so Maggie suggests he get a new wingman – like Simon (Pat Thornton, COMEDY BAR). However, Mark quickly learns that Simon knows nothing about women.


Mark Critch seeking Satisfaction

From Tara Bradbury of the Telegram:

Seeking ‘Satisfaction’ – Mark Critch brings comedy skills to new TV sitcom
There was a time when Tim McAuliffe found himself living in a Toronto apartment with two friends; McAuliffe the single guy, the two friends a couple. “It was so weird. You know that feeling that the grass is always greener on the other side? It was like that,” the Montreal native said. “I’d come home and see them cuddled up on the couch watching a movie and I’d think, ‘It would be so nice to be in a relationship. I want to have that.’ They’d see me and think, ‘Oh, look at the excitement and the possibility of something new.’” Continue reading.


New Monday: Satisfaction

Satisfaction, CTV – “The Internship, Relationship, Friendship”
Maggie (Leah Renee) persuades Mark (Ryan Belleville) to convince his sex buddy Shannon (Natalie Lisinska, ORPHAN BLACK), that Maggie should get an internship at a sleek marketing agency. Meanwhile, with Maggie preoccupied with her job hunt, and Mark busy with Shannon, Jason (Luke MacFarlane) is forced to recruit new trivia partners, Simon (Pat Thorton) and Bea (Nikki Payne), in an attempt to take home the coveted trophy. Toronto Maple Leafs Great, Wendel Clark guest stars as himself.


Actors looking for Satisfaction


From Bill Brioux in the Toronto Star:

Luke Macfarlane ready for comedy in Satisfaction
Luke Macfarlane decided that there was just too much drama in his life. So he switched over to comedy.
The London, Ont., native starred for five seasons on Brothers and Sisters, where he played husband to Kevin Walker (Matthew Rhys from The Americans), one of the “brothers” on the series. Continue reading.

From Bill Brioux in TV Feeds My Family:

Belleville looking for sitcom Satisfaction
Last week when I visited the set of Satisfaction, I thought Ryan Belleville had some interesting things to say about the state of TV comedy in Canada. Satisfaction premieres Monday night at 8 p.m. on CTV. Continue reading.


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