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Upcoming episode: What’s That About? Discovery Channel, Aug. 18

What’s That About?: “The Aquarium”
Fri., Aug. 18 at 8 p.m. ET/5 p.m. PT

They’re calling it the biggest aquarium in the world. With a dream to create the most unique public aquarium on Earth, Bernie Marcus has assembled a team of superstar designers, builders, biologists and technicians. He travelled the world to handpick the 120,000 creatures that moved into the brand new aquatic paradise – the Georgia Aquarium. And Marcus accomplished it all on an accelerated timeline, because at age 77, he wanted to be alive to enjoy it. Now Marcus and his crew are charged with the task of keeping these exotic, delicate species alive in this veritable Noah’s Ark. Will a ship load of pumps, filters, lights and a wall of living rock be enough to keep the transplanted fish alive and well? In this fully-submersible episode, check out the incredible technology behind their water world: a mega-filtration system; an orchestra of metal halide lights that feed living rock mimicking the intensity of the tropical sun; the world’s largest viewing window and what they had to do to put it in place; and even an ER ward for fish. When one of the stars of the show has to undergo a surgical procedure, will this new technology pay off?


Five Remain as Ashley Coulter is Eliminated from Canadian Idol

From CTV:

Biggest audience this season watches first-ever “Unplugged” Episode

Top 5 head to Nashville tomorrow to work with country superstar Martina McBride

After performing “Crying” on last night’s performance episode, Ashley Coulter shed tears tonight after being eliminated from Canadian Idol live on CTV. The 23-year-old cashier from Emeryville, ON became the fifth finalist to be eliminated after receiving the fewest votes out of a record 3 million cast following last night’s first-ever “Unplugged” episode. Now, three men and two women remain, representing Saskatchewan, Ottawa-Gatineau, Nova Scotia and Newfoundland.

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