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In the news: Update on Cock’d Guns

From Rob Salem of the Toronto Star (second item):

  • Why I now hate Kath & Kim
    “I also, in the same context, recommended the rock mockumentary Cock’d Guns, showcased on the very same Showcase channel. That is, until a couple of weeks ago, when it was pulled only nine episodes into its season, ironically (or not) to add a Friday-night repeat of Showcase original Testees. .” Read more.

In the news: Jayne Eastwood interview

RM Vaughan of the Globe and Mail interviews Jayne Eastwood, currently starring in Billable Hours:

  • Our Jayne’s done it all – now she’s doing it with her clothes on
    “The legendary actress and comedienne first won hearts in the seminal Canadian film Goin’ Down the Road, and then proceeded to steal every scene from Al Waxman in The King of Kensington. As if that’s not enough to make Eastwood Her Majesty’s representative, I defy readers to name a single important Canadian television program broadcast in the last three decades that Eastwood has not graced. From SCTV to Street Legal, Twitch City to This Is Wonderland (and about 100 other gigs), Eastwood has shown up and plowed the driveway clean with her talent.” Read more.

In the news: Billable Hours tonight

From Alex Strachan of CanWest News Service:

  • Billable Hours definitely worth your investment
    “Billable Hours (Showcase – 9:30 p.m.), a cheerful, sweet-tempered homegrown comedy about bored young lawyers trapped in the monotony of corporate life, returns for a second season tonight. The opener begins with a young corporate whippersnapper, played by Billable Hours’ creator and head writer, Fabrizio Filippo, taking on a quartet of cranky curmudgeons and old-timers – captains of industry all – in a disastrous game of poker.”

In the news: Billable Hours interview

From Jim Bawden of the Toronto Star: