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In the news: Save our Show campaigns hit Canada

From Kate Taylor of the Globe and Mail:

  • What’s a fan to do when a favourite gets axed?
    “Can cough syrup do for jPod what 20 tons of peanuts did for Jericho? The success of Jericho fans in wrestling another season of the doomsday show out of CBS by teaming up with an on-line nut distributor and peppering the reluctant broadcaster has every other fan of a cancelled TV show looking for the right gimmick. Fans of jPod, however, have ruled out expressing their ire at the CBC by shipping cough syrup to the public broadcaster (in reference to a character on the show who abuses cough syrup). Their smarter suggestions for saving the cancelled show based on the Douglas Coupland novel include good old-fashioned letters and messages to the computer manufacturer Dell, telling it how great its product looked on jPod.” Read more.

Ratings: Trojan Horse, other CBC shows

From Bill Brioux at TV Feeds My Family:

  • Trojan Horse Left At Gate
    “CBC’s much ballyhooed The Trojan Horse, starring Paul Gross, drew 690,000 viewers Sunday night. … Some other recent CBC numbers, for those who still like to keep track: The Border (March 24): 610,000. Anne Murray Duets: 823,000. Rick Mercer Report: 885,000. Sophie (March 26): 407,000. jPod (March 28): 307,000.” Read more.

Save jPod campaign

From Alex Strachan of Canwest Media at TV Guy’s Guide to Good TV:

  • Fan campaign to save ‘jPod’
    “This ship has probably already sailed, but that isn’t going to stop fans from throwing a lifeline. Devotees of the recently booted jPod have launched a campaign to get CBC program executives — yes, hard as it may be to believe, the public broadcaster does have some — to change their mind about the show’s cancellation.” Read more.