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In the news: Great TV of 2008

From John Doyle of the Globe and Mail:

  • 2008 Great between the crises
    “Flashpoint (CTV, CBS) changed everything. It benefited from the paucity of new shows available in the United States, thanks to the Writers Guild of America strike, but as soon as it became a hit, it brought the Canadian TV industry alive with hope and ideas. It also got better, episode by episode. And it showcased great Canadian actors to Hollywood and the world.” Read more.

In the news: Shopping with Helene Joy of Murdoch Mysteries, Durham County, MVP

From Rita Zekas of the Toronto Star:

  • Talent for power tools, power roles
    “Nellie McClung existed in the same time, in 1890, that my (Murdoch Mysteries) character did. I am intrigued with women of that time who had more open minds than some women in our time. Look at what’s happened today – brainless body-obsessed Pussycat Dolls – and it sickens me. We’ve come so far and we’re going there?” Read more.

In the news: Pop psychology of the TV racket

From John Doyle of the Globe and Mail:

  • Self-esteem issues of a cultural kind
    But the good reviews for MVP suggest something else. The series is doing well because it’s vaguely different. It doesn’t feel like a copy of a U.S. show so it’s got a freshness and appealing zip to it. Ironically, I suspect that’s precisely why MVP was never a big hit in Canada – most viewers expect soapy Canadian drama to look and feel like a show made in Hollywood. And at that point, I give up. It’s all too complicated. There are validation issues and self-esteem issues too complex for me.” Read more.

In the news: MVP review in Variety

From Brian Lowry of Variety:

  • MVP
    “Ignore those funky Canadian accents, and MVP is a passable nighttime soap — using hockey (!) as a slick backdrop to its bed-hopping shenanigans. The first hour alone features every imaginable serial cliche, from a sudden death to the sex-tape-making stud and the spoiled rich girl who says, ‘You work for me. Now take your pants off!’ All told, it’s a natural fit for Soapnet — ABC’s second-chance cabler for daytime serials — and receives an overtime showing on ABC following this week’s Daytime Emmys. So nothing new here, but like, not bad, eh?” Read more.