In the news: Pop psychology of the TV racket

From John Doyle of the Globe and Mail:

  • Self-esteem issues of a cultural kind
    But the good reviews for MVP suggest something else. The series is doing well because it’s vaguely different. It doesn’t feel like a copy of a U.S. show so it’s got a freshness and appealing zip to it. Ironically, I suspect that’s precisely why MVP was never a big hit in Canada – most viewers expect soapy Canadian drama to look and feel like a show made in Hollywood. And at that point, I give up. It’s all too complicated. There are validation issues and self-esteem issues too complex for me.” Read more.
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One thought on “In the news: Pop psychology of the TV racket”

  1. I agree completely with this. I for one enjoyed MVP. It was fresh and fun and entertaining. Flashpoint on the other hand…yawn, the pilot was okay but it’s not my type of show.

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