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In the news: MVP premiere on SOAPnet

From Buddy TV:

  • ‘MVP’ Starts Tonight
    “Here’s one made just right for me – at least on paper.  SOAPnet unveils its latest sizzling new baby, when MVP – about the Canadian Mustangs hockey team – premieres tonight at 11.  This is right up my alley for the simple reason that ice hockey is my sport of choice to follow.” Read more.

From the New York Daily News:

  • ‘MVP’ is everyone’s favorite sport, plus hockey
    “The Mustangs are an unusual hockey team. They only seem to recruit players who look like their previous experience came in a Calvin Klein ad. They also don’t seem to play any hockey – or at least we never see any hockey on opening night of SoapNet’s latest steamy drama, MVP.” Read more.

In the news: MVP in the NYT

From Ginia Bellafante of the New York Times:

  • For a Hockey Player’s Workouts Off the Ice, Go Straight to the Videocam
    “Within the first few minutes of MVP, a new drama — and I use that term as one might call Big Momma’s House a film — a young woman barely out of her teens is straddling a guy upstairs during a party at her parents’ Disney World castle of a house, and making royal demands: ‘You work for me now. Take your pants off.’ More trousers tumble, going forward: off the hips of a practically mute underwear model as well as a coke-addicted hobby pornographer, who secretly shoots his one-night stands from the vantage point of what appears to be a stuffed-donkey cam. He’s not a Democrat; he’s Canadian, and a hockey player. When he picks up a new conquest at his team captain’s funeral, he labels the tape of their lascivious efforts at mourning Funeral Chick. MVP, which begins Thursday on SoapNet, is itself a Canadian import, and it forces us to ask: Really, what has Nafta wrought?” Read more.


Interview: Mary Young Leckie of MVP

From Blogcritics, based on the TV, eh? Blogtalkradio interview :

  • MVP: The Secret Lives of Hockey Wives Goes Into Overtime
    “MVP: The Secret Lives of Hockey Wives was cancelled by CBC a few months ago, but you wouldn’t know it from looking at the TV schedule. The first season will start airing on the US network SOAPnet – a cable sibling of ABC – starting June 19. Then ABC itself will air the first episode following the Daytime Emmys on June 20. Not to be left out, CBC is re-airing season one starting June 13, so Canadians who missed it the first time around can catch it. Plus, the DVD is being released July 15 with loads of bonus features.” Read more.


Listen now: Mary Young Leckie of MVP on TV, eh? Blogtalkradio

Mary Young Leckie, co-creator and executive producer of MVP, was my guest today on the TV, eh? Blogtalkradio show and she was fabulous, sharing the history of this show that refuses to disappear — cancelled by CBC, but seeing new life on that network, SOAPnet, ABC, and on DVD, all making a season two a definite possibility.

The interview’s about 16 minutes: listen below, visit the show site, or subscribe via iTunes or with any other program via the TV, Eh? feed.

Here’s the dates to remember for MVP:

  • Friday, June 13 is the start of season one reruns on CBC.
  • On June 19, MVP premieres on Soapnet, with weekly airings Thursdays at 11 pm Eastern.
  • June 20, it airs at 10 pm Eastern on ABC following the Daytime Emmys.
  • July 15, watch for the DVD release.