In the news: MVP in the NYT

From Ginia Bellafante of the New York Times:

  • For a Hockey Player’s Workouts Off the Ice, Go Straight to the Videocam
    “Within the first few minutes of MVP, a new drama — and I use that term as one might call Big Momma’s House a film — a young woman barely out of her teens is straddling a guy upstairs during a party at her parents’ Disney World castle of a house, and making royal demands: ‘You work for me now. Take your pants off.’ More trousers tumble, going forward: off the hips of a practically mute underwear model as well as a coke-addicted hobby pornographer, who secretly shoots his one-night stands from the vantage point of what appears to be a stuffed-donkey cam. He’s not a Democrat; he’s Canadian, and a hockey player. When he picks up a new conquest at his team captain’s funeral, he labels the tape of their lascivious efforts at mourning Funeral Chick. MVP, which begins Thursday on SoapNet, is itself a Canadian import, and it forces us to ask: Really, what has Nafta wrought?” Read more.


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