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Tales from the Rez heads into production for APTN Lumi

From a media release:

Blackfoot Nation Films announced today that their latest project Tales from the Rez from writer/director Trevor Solway (Kaatohkitopii: The Horse He Never Rode, CBC Gem), has gone to camera in Siksika, Alberta.

Tales from the Rez is a horror-comedy anthology series which adapts popular Blackfoot traditional tales and urban legends to the screen. The film stars a remarkable cast of Indigenous talent including Eugene Brave Rock (Dark Winds, Wonder Woman), actor and experimental pop/rock band Ghostkeeper frontman Shane Ghostkeeper (Parallel Minds), Shayla Stonechild (Siren), Michelle Thrush (Prey), Joel Oulette (Trickster), Nathan Alexis (Trickster), Cody Lightning (Echo, Four Sheets to the Wind) and introducing Charles Duck Chief.

Each episode features Blackfoot urban legends and twisted traditional tales. Uncle Randalf, an Elder with one foot in the living world and one foot in the spirit world will introduce the story to unfold in each episode. He speaks directly to the audience with dark humour and a lust for good stories. The initial season takes place in the traditional territories of the Blackfoot confederacy also known as Southern Alberta, Treaty 7. Subsequent seasons will travel to other Indigenous communities around the globe.

Tales from the Rez is written and directed by Trevor Solway (Kaatohkitopii: The Horse He Never Rode), Produced by Colin Van Loon (Blackfoot Nation Films), executive produced by Julian Black Antelope (Secret History of the Wild West) and associate produced by Jessica Matten (Dark Winds), Director of Photography is Aaron Bernakevitch (True West: The John Scott Story).

Tales from the Rez was made possible with the support of the Bell Fund, Indigenious Screen Office and APTN Lumi. The series is currently in production and will air on APTN Lumi.