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APFC, Netflix, Telefilm Canada and The Canada Media Fund launch a professional development plan like no other

From a media release:

The Alliance des producteurs francophones du Canada (APFC) and Netflix, lead partner, are very pleased to partner with Telefilm Canada and the Canada Media Fund in launching the first-ever Professional Development Program in Film and Television for francophone producers and creators in minority communities across Canada.

This intensive internship program will allow Canadian francophone scriptwriters, directors, and producers to benefit from support in their regions for the development of original works representative of the country’s diversity, and to ensure the transfer of knowledge to other creators in these regions.

The APFC will also benefit from the support of many academic partners, Canadian francophone cultural organizations, and the audiovisual sector for the implementation of this ambitious project, scheduled to run from 2019 to 2022 in the Atlantic, Ontario, and Western Canada regions, where francophone creators will be able to develop their projects through three components: Feature film scriptwriting and development (Component 1), Accelerator program for the development of series with international potential (Component 2), and Support program – master classes, bootcamps, and microprograms (Component 3). Details of the project will be announced at a later date.

The implementation of this development program is made possible thanks to the significant contribution of Netflix, Telefilm Canada’s commitment to invest $150,000 in the first year, and the Canada Media Fund, which will allocate $50,000 for the same period. Both funding agencies intend to commit for the full three years of the program. With this unique program, the APFC aims to increase the development of original works that can stand out in national and international markets. To this end, more than 50 feature film and series scripts with international potential will be available for submission to the production stage by 2022. APFC Executive Director Carol Ann Pilon says she is “eager to get this historic project off the ground for the benefit of our film and television creators.”

“Netflix is proud to partner with the Alliance des producteurs francophones du Canada, Telefilm Canada, and the Canada Media Fund in supporting this totally new professional development program,” said Stéphane Cardin, Netflix Director of Public Policy for Canada. “This significant investment in francophone creation in a minority setting is the tenth partnership Netflix has made in Canada.”

“Telefilm is well aware of the challenges faced by creators from francophone minority communities. One of our priorities is to support francophone talent. So, I am particularly proud to announce the launch of this new program today to facilitate the professional development, implementation, and recognition of their projects across Canada. It’s the perfect initiative to mark the 50th anniversary of the Official Languages Act,” said Telefilm Canada Executive Director Christa Dickenson.

“The Canada Media Fund supports creators from across the country, from many cultural and linguistic backgrounds,” said Canada Media Fund President and CEO Valerie Creighton. “We’re delighted to further invest through this partnership in the development of French-language content by creators in linguistic minority situations.”