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In the news: The Week the men turned into monkeys?

From Joel Rubinoff of the Waterloo Record:

  • The women went . . . the men turned into monkeys
    “The best way to envision the perfect storm of chaos captured on The Week The Women Went (8 p.m. Wednesday on CBC) — a fascinating Canadian doc series about a small Maritime town that puts men in charge while their wives get their toenails clipped at a luxury spa — is to imagine a chimp in an apron attempting to dice potatoes, do the laundry, discipline children and keep the house clean.” Read more.

In the news: Canadian TV heats up

From Craig Takeuchi and Sean Minogue of the Georgia Straight:

  • Canadian TV heats up the winter season
    “With layoffs at Canwest Global and CTV—plus whispers of cutbacks at the CBC—even our TV industry isn’t insulated from recent economic tremors. While belts tighten one notch, however, Canadian TV has kicked it up two. Two new CBC offerings, the dramedy Being Erica and the Alberta ranch tug-of-war Wild Roses, both debuted with ratings higher than the new 90210. And CTV’s Flashpoint drew 12 million viewers with its January 16 episode. Here are more shows to chill out with over the winter season.” Read more.

Ratings: CBC this week

From Denis McGrath at Dead Things on Sticks, with info on Being Erica, Sophie, Little Mosque on the Prairie, Wild Roses, The Week The Women Went:

  • The Week The CBC Went
    “In the battle of the CBC newbies, it’s status quo. Being Erica on Monday did 632 000 viewers, down a little from the week before but still up from the premiere. What’s more promising is that just under half of those viewers are in the magic 18-49 demo. Sophie had a better-than-season average night at 385 000 just before it, which means that Erica builds substantially on its lead in.” Read more.