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In the news: Project X, Triple Sensation

From Yvonne Zacharias of the Vancouver Sun:

  • Hollywood North: How do you make science sexy?
    “CBC TV thinks it has come up with the right chemistry. A slick, fun, fast-paced half-hour weekly show called Project X. The scientific sleuths on the show take viewers into swamps, garbage dumps, university labs, test facilities, underground tunnels, shooting ranges, kitchens, hardware stores, salvage yards and elsewhere to unearth solutions to probing scientific questions.” Read more.

Triple Sensation National Open Call Auditions Announced

From a media release:

Triple Sensation’s Executive Producer and Show Creator Garth Drabinsky today announced national open call auditions for the ground-breaking performing arts television series.

The popular CBC series, hailed as “the talent equivalent of a perfect storm… remarkable,” by Liz Nicholls in the Edmonton Journal, showcases a national search for young Canadians aged 16-26 who share a passion for the performing arts and whose combined talent in the acting, singing and dance disciplines is formidable.

Pre-registration for Open Call auditions begins today online at www.triplesensation.ca.

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In the news: CBC aiming to be ‘more like Tim Hortons, less like Starbucks’

Kate Taylor of the Globe and Mail interviews Richard Stursberg:

  • CBC’s No. 2 sees kindred spirit in new boss
    “‘If it’s a public broadcaster and it’s paid for by all the taxpayers, then it has got to make an offer that is the broadest possible offer,’ Richard Stursberg, vice-president of CBC-TV, said in a recent interview reviewing the current television season and defending the network’s still unproven scheme to boost ratings with populist formulas. ‘It’s not a service that is built for elites.'” Read more.