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Canadian TV on Twitter

If you haven’t noticed the sidebar or the two previous posts yet, TV, eh? is on Twitter. Follow me for random thoughts on television – including but not exclusive to Canadian television – and other entertainment-related flotsam in my brain.

Here’s an updated list of Canadian TV-related Twitterers Tweeters people on Twitter. You’ll notice some prolific bloggers who happen to be Canadian and happen to write about television on this list. Hmm, wouldn’t it seem smart for the Canadian TV industry to cultivate a relationship with them? If you’re waiting for bloggers who write exclusively about Canadian television, well, what kind of weirdo does that?! For all but a small subset of people, it’s the “television” part of “Canadian television” that’s relevant.

Anyway, new since last time are in bold:

  • adambarken: Writer on Flashpoint
  • CanMediaLayoffs: Possibly the most depressing Twitter feed, the name speaks for itself
  • carolinegodin: on life and tv
  • cynicallytested: Dan Speerin of twixterstv.com
  • Flashpoint_TV: the co-creator of Flashpoint gives a peek behind the scenes
  • greenpieces: Mark Leiren-Young, TV writer and The Green Chain filmmaker
  • haskett: With Paperny Films
  • heywriterboy: Denis McGrath, a writer whose credits include The Border.
  • inkcanada: Ink Canada doyenne, writer Karen Walton
  • jill380: Jill Golick on new media and TV writing, and much more.
  • johncallaghan: John Callaghan on tv, music, etc.
  • justinsb Justin Beach, webmaster of Publicbroadcasting.ca
  • mcphadenmike: Writer/actor Mike McPhaden
  • Memles: Myles A. McNutt, TV blogger from Nova Scotia
  • MisterJohnDoyle: Globe and Mail tv critic John Doyle, mostly linking to his columns
  • mjreid: “On-the-cusp Canadian screenwriter and videogame addict”
  • morjana: Posts regularly about Sanctuary and Stargate
  • mutanto: writer Peter Mohan (Blood Ties, Mutant X) on writing, tv, movies, etc.
  • Nicolle Balen: Tweeting about TV, she gives Canadian TV publicity a good name with her work at the The Movie Network
  • RobboMills: “Writer, Producer, Director, Puppeteer, Curmudgeon”
  • sweetposerent: TV blogger in Ontario
  • theborder: The Border’s official Twitter feed
  • theMediaChick:  On TV, music, and more
  • thetelevixen: TV blogger from Toronto
  • theTVaddict: TV blogger from Toronto
  • wilzmak: Wil Zmak, writer on Tom Stone, giving movie, music, tv, and book recommendations

Follow TV, eh? on Twitter and comment to let me and other readers know of any other Canadian-TV-related Twitterers I’m missing.