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Bomb Girls’ showrunner Michael MacLennan on digging deeper


From Cheryl Binning of Canadian Screenwriter:

Showrunner Michael MacLennan & Bomb Girls Writers Talk Taking Character-Driven Drama into Season Two
After a successful six episode run, Global doubled the order for a second season of its homegrown hit Bomb Girls, a historical drama about Toronto women working in a WWII munitions factory. With the characters and world solidly set, showrunner Michael MacLennan was given an opportunity to delve deeper into their stories. Read more.

WGC Screenwriting Award nominations announced

From a media release:

2013 WGC Screenwriting Awards Finalist List


  • Johnny Test “Johnny vs. The Tickler”  Written by John Derevlany
  • League of Super Evil “Kinderprison” Written by Phil Ivanusic-Vallee & Davila LeBlanc
  • Scaredy Squirrel “Grand Ole Grocery” Written by Terry McGurrin
  • Sidekick “I, Sidebot”  Written by Dan Williams & Lienne Sawatsky


  • Finding Stuff Out “Animals Big and Small” Written by Lisa Hunter
  • How To Be Indie “How To Make a Christmas Miracle” Written by John May & Suzanne Bolch
  • My Babysitter’s a Vampire “Independence Daze”  Written by Simon Racioppa & Richard Elliott
  • My Babysitter’s a Vampire “Hottie Ho-Tep” Written by Miles Smith


  • Sorry State Written by Mitch Miyagawa
  • Surviving:) The Teenage Brain (for Nature of Things) Written by Robert Lower
  • We Were Children  Written by Jason Sherman


  • The Phantoms  Written by Andrew Wreggitt
  • Picture Day Written by Kate Melville
  • The Samaritan  Written by Elan Mastai & David Weaver
  • Still Written by Michael McGowan


  • Bill & Sons Towing “Bikini Calendar” Written by Mark De Angelis
  • Ruby Skye P.I.: The Haunted Library “#Creepy” Written by Julie Strassman-Cohn & Jill Golick
  • The Runner “Things Just Got Outta Hand, Right?” Written by Liz Scully
  • Totally Amp’d “Episode 9” Written by Karen McClellan


  • Less Than Kind “Danger, Wrestling” Written by Denis McGrath
  • Less Than Kind “Fugue State” Written by Mark McKinney
  • Less Than Kind “Jerk Chicken” Written by Kim Coghill
  • Todd & the Book of Pure Evil “B.Y.O.B.O.P.E.” Story by Ian Malone, Charles Picco & Craig David Wallace; Teleplay by Ian Malone & Craig David Wallace 


  • Bomb Girls “Jumping Tracks”  Written by Michael MacLennan
  • Continuum “End Times” Written by Simon Barry
  • Heartland “Life is a Highway” Written by Leila Basen
  • Heartland “Breaking Down and Building Up” Written by Heather Conkie
  • The L.A. Complex “Down in L.A.” Written by Martin Gero
  • Saving Hope “Bea, Again” Written by Esta Spalding

Wednesday: Bomb Girls, Mr. D, Ron James, Arctic Air


Bomb Girls, Global – “Where There’s Smoke”
When Gladys discovers who has been paying her hotel bills, she decides to make some bold choices. Meanwhile, Lorna finally admits that her son’s bravado might have darker roots; Betty meets a soldier named Teresa – who offers her new possibilities; and Marco sources the cavalcade fireworks from Frank, a former childhood friend, who hints he could also help Marco in other ways.

Mr. D, CBC – “The Crush”
Gerry develops a crush on the mother of one of his most
annoying students. Leung gives driving lessons to Simon. Trudy and Robert take over the morning announcements and they become incomprehensible.

Ron James Show, CBC – “Power”
Ron gets fired up about ‘Power and Energy’. When the Chinese government tries to make up for a multitude of sins with cuddly two-toned bears, the result is Panda-monium. With special guests Colin Mochrie & Ennis Esmer.

Arctic Air, CBC – “Old Wounds”
Bobby backs Jim McAllister in a tough-guy boxing tournament as part of a last-ditch bid to save his diamond claim; and Arctic Air falls into crisis when Blake’s friend joins the crew.

Wednesday: Bomb Girls, Mr. D, Ron James, Arctic Air

image005Bomb Girls, Global – “The Harder We Fight”
When a group of Maritimers arrive at the plant, one of the girls, Reggie, immediately draws Betty’s suspicions and ire. Meanwhile, Lorna’s hot-blooded son Gene convinces Gladys to join him on an adventure that leads where neither expected. Featuring a cameo appearance by ET Canada’s Cheryl Hickey.

Mr. D, CBC – “Overnight Trip”
Gerry concocts a scheme to get his class to go to Boston so that he and Bill can watch a Celtics game. His plans slip away when he’s forced to hang out with a drunk Vice Principal.

The Ron James Show, CBC -“Rules”
In this episode, Ron looks at why we make… and break… ‘The Rules’. With special guests Barry Flatman & Linda Kash.

Arctic Air, CBC – “Stormy Weather”
Bobby, Krista and Blake are trapped in an abandoned Dew Line station — only to find out they’re not alone.

Jodi Balfour of Bomb Girls

small.Jodi Balfour as Gladys4

From Jennifer Cox of Crave:

  • Jodi Balfour Of “Bomb Girls” Has Got Spark
    It’s been a roller-coaster ride of joy and challenges and stress and love and satisfaction and hope. It never stops being fulfilling in both quiet and obvious ways. I love the character I play and the stories we get to tell. Work aside, it has also introduced me to some of my favourite people on the planet. Read more.