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Poll: What are your favourite Canadian TV shows of 2015?

As the year winds down, it’s time to reflect back on 2015. What a year it was for Canadian TV. Yes, there was some sad news—the cancellation of Strange Empire, Remedy and Rookie Blue come immediately to mind—but there was plenty to celebrate as well.

Sci-fi in Canada is stronger than ever thanks to Orphan Black and newbies Killjoys and Dark Matter, we’re getting laughs from series like Still Standing, Sunnyside and Young Drunk Punk and dramas like This Life, The Romeo Section and Motive continue to entertain.

As we get ready to say hello to 2016, help us celebrate 2015 by voting for your favourite five (5) Canadian television shows of the year. (Vote by clicking the boxes to the left of your favourite shows, then click the shaded “Vote” button located just below and right of Young Drunk Punk.)

What are your five favourite Canadian TV shows of 2015?

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Preview: Dates and goodbyes on Heartland

“We’re all going to be OK.” That’s the final line spoken by Georgie in tonight’s new episode of Heartland, and summarizes another week’s storylines fluctuating between funny and infuriating, and tender and tear-filled.

“Reckless Abandon” digs deep into relationships between humans and other humans, horses and humans and horses with other horses. After a couple of weeks of hints, it looks as though Bear is going to fulfill his promising role in the Calgary Police’s mounted unit … and Georgie isn’t happy about it. Georgie, never one to sit back and think things through, allows the possibility Bear might leave to impact her relationship with Amy. Not helping matters? Some bad news from Stephen.


Relationship issues extend to Casey and Tim as well. Tim isn’t the best when it comes to voicing his feelings, and puts his foot in it with Casey, leading to some awkward moments and a possible future that scares the heck out of Tim.

Most Awkward Award of the night, however, goes to Lou. Her attempt to get back into the dating pool with house inspector Carson (Michael Xavier) leads to some laugh-out-loud moments followed by a cringe-inducing situation and Lou jumping to conclusions.

Heartland airs Sundays at 7 p.m. on CBC.

Heartland’s bear-y scary situation, Part 2

When the “Previously on Heartland” intro rolled before last night’s episode, I was pretty sure that darned grizzly bear was going to show up and cause trouble. I was wrong, but Sunday’s instalment wasn’t without danger.

Seeing Ty tumble off the cliff was certainly dramatic, and he’s lucky he escaped with just a large bump on his head. (Kudos to the producers for making sure they covered the whole concussion thing rather than assuming he was all right.) The male bald eagle rescue itself may have gone without a hitch—I did wonder how he or Amy would get to the top of the tree if the situation called for it—but getting back to the truck didn’t. Note to self: always carry a bag of trail mix with you. Also? Make sure you have a horse like Bear along. The newest equine member of Heartland seems destined for a future on the Calgary Police Force, and that’s a pretty cool gig if you ask me. (Those hoping Amy and Ty will have a baby soon had to make do with the two cradling a male bald eagle rather than a sprite of their own.)

Aside from the drama out on the trail with Amy, Ty and the horses, “Over and Out”—written by Pamela Pinch—had some heart-stopping moments at the ranch and the Reserve. After bonding during their own near-death experience—telling Bob they trashed the ATV—Adam and Georgie seem headed for romance. After all, why else would they be texting after-hours? And how will Stephen react when he returns from the summer? The fact Adam hinted his mother is exerting pressure on him to succeed will likely cause he and Georgie to bond and, perhaps, share a first kiss before the fall leaves fly.

I always enjoy it when Lisa is kicking around the ranch—her feisty attitude leads to some great moments—so I was glad to have plenty of scenes with she and Jack, Katie and Lou. With Lou struggling to keep her packed calendar in order, Lisa stepped in to try and help and a defensive Lou got her back up. The thing with Heartland is, grudges never last long; by episode’s end the ladies were on the same page and Lou even got some alone time with her daughters.

Heartland airs Sundays at 7 p.m. on CBC.

TV, eh? podcast episode 192 – Michelina’s and Sunny D

After an extra week off, the news edition of the TV, Eh? podcast returns outlining the new and returning shows coming up, the Season 2 return of Schitt’s Creek, the big winners at the Directors Guild of Canada Awards, the fall ratings so far and discussion surrounding the CBC acquiring broadcast rights to the next several Olympic Games.

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Heartland says goodbye to an old friend

Dear Paint,

I know everyone at Heartland is going to miss you, but I will too. I’ve only been watching Heartland for a few years now, but I know the relationship between you and Jack has been strong for longer than that.

You were given to Jack as a retirement gift when he quit the rodeo, and the two of you struck up an incredible and enduring friendship that, sadly, ended Sunday night. The first time that you went down, I willed Ty, Amy and Jack to pull you upright. The second time you went down, I knew that was going to be the end. I’m glad Jack chose to have Ty send you on your final journey, and that you dreamed of sweet grass and sunshine on your back as you drifted away.

Your days of herding cattle with Jack is over, and you can rest overlooking the fields you worked and played in. You certainly were, as Jack said, a good boy. You were loyal, standing by Jack when he suffered a heart attack, and you were patient too. You did everything Jack asked of you, and he, your Heartland family and viewers will never forget you.

I’m closing my letter by writing out Konrad Lorenz’s quote, altered by Georgie:

‘The fidelity of a horse is a precious gift demanding no less binding moral responsibilities than the friendship of a human being. The bond with a horse is as lasting as the ties of the earth can ever be.’

Rest well, Paint. I’ll miss you.

Heartland airs Sundays at 7 p.m. on CBC.