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Comments and queries for the week of March 2

I recently purchased Netflix and starting watching Heartland. I fell in love with it and have binge-watched up to Season 8 so far. I have such a sad feeling that I am coming to Season 9. It is such a wonderful show and I have my granddaughters now watching it (ages 14) and they love it. Please don’t end this heartwarming show. We need more of this type of TV in this scary world of ours right now. Thank you. —Phyllis


I thought the episode [of Murdoch Mysteries] was fabulous, I cannot count how many times I have replayed it. I only watch three shows here in the U.S. and I do not care if I miss an episode. BUT I would never miss a Murdoch Mysteries episode. The storylines, writers, set design and actors are the best, bar none. I am so glad I can get CBC. :-) —Jan

I really enjoyed the episode. I miss George’s humour and would like to see more of him. I really like Watts character as well … can’t wait for next episode. —Louise

I liked the episode but didn’t love it. I liked that Watts discovered something about himself, Higgins is a better police officer than he once was, and even John discovering love for the first time. But as characters, even with these new developments, they just don’t appeal to me. I didn’t love it because I didn’t learn anything new about the central characters: William, Julia, George or Brackenreid. —C

What a nice episode involving the Jewish population. I am not Jewish but have many friends that are, so much of the information that was imparted to Watts struck a chord. Very well written, but what else can come from the writers? They are superb. Wonderful show. —Sharon

Loved Murdoch Mysteries right from the start. Love finding out the real history. Enjoyed finding out a bit more about Watts. Love his addition. Still love George. And of course Julia and Murdoch. —Celeste

I love Murdoch Mysteries and this was a great way to get to know Watts a bit better. He is a great addition to the cast. Well done. —Sandi


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Preview: Heartland strikes “A Fine Balance”

When we last left the fine folks at Heartland, things were in turmoil. Tim was suffering the effect of possible brain cancer and Ty was in danger in Mongolia. Even worse, Amy and Tim were headed to Mongolia, unaware of the uncertainty that lay in store.

Now Heartland is back with a brand-new episode on Sunday and to say we were anxious to see what befell our favourites is an understatement. Here’s what the CBC released as an episode synopsis for “A Fine Balance,” written by showrunner Heather Conkie and Alexandra Clarke and directed by Bruce McDonald:

Ty finds himself in a dangerous situation and in order to save him Amy must turn to an unexpected source for guidance.

And here are more tidbits from the two main storylines we can reveal after watching a screener.

Road trip!
Ty may be in grave danger and Tim’s health uncertain, but seeing Amy and her dad in Mongolia together is fun, particularly when Tim grouses about local customs. What isn’t funny is the push and pull put on Amy, who is caught between wanting to find Ty and taking care of Attila. As for Ty, we’ve seen him in danger before but Sunday’s instalment sees him in the worst ever.

Georgie’s jumping
She and Flame have got the jumping course nailed but Val is concerned they’ll clam up on the big stage. As much as I appreciate Val, I find her really annoying sometimes. Why can’t she just trust Georgie’s instinct and be supportive instead of a naysayer? Also, someone has taken a keen interest in Georgie and Dylan, but who?

Heartland airs Sundays at 7 p.m. on CBC.




TV Eh B Cs podcast 73 — A Potter’s Craft

Chris Potter was born in Toronto and raised in London, Ontario, Canada. An early start in theatre and music ultimately led to him finding a calling in film and television work.

An actor with great versatility, Chris has a flare for edgy roles. He has accumulated an impressive volume of credits in a 25 year career. Chris is also an accomplished director and producer. On Heartland he has directed 18 episodes. He has starred in seven successful TV series (over 550 cumulative one-hour episodes) in addition to numerous TV guest appearances, television movies and feature films.

Over the length of his career, Chris has become a recognized international actor and star to many loyal fans. He continues to donate his time, his support, and loyal commitment to numerous charities. Chris and his wife Karen have also placed their family life and raising their four, now grown up, children as their top priority.

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Link: Ex-Londoner Chris Potter has forged a long, successful career in TV

From Joe Belanger of the London Free Press:

Link: Ex-Londoner Chris Potter has forged a long, successful career in TV
Almost 30 years later and Chris Potter still doesn’t know for certain where he’ll find his next gig.

That’s a simple truth about the entertainment business — but one the former Londoner hasn’t had much to worry about since quitting his job as an insurance salesman to take an acting job. Continue reading. 


Preview: Friendly faces and weird art on Heartland

I have some catching up to do! I thought I knew all of the main players on Heartland, but Sunday’s new episode brings back faces fans haven’t seen in years.

Here’s what the CBC says about this week’s instalment, “Our Sons and Daughters,” written by Mark Haroun and directed by Chris Potter:

When some old friends return to Hudson on vacation, Amy tries to teach them about the life-changing power of connecting to a horse, in order to help them cope with parenting struggles. Meanwhile, Georgie gets invited on a road trip, but it might not be everything she hoped for. And with Lou back in New York, Peter takes care of Katie, but worries when she doesn’t come home from a trail ride. Then, Jack and Lisa receive an unexpected housewarming gift.

And here are some non-spoilery bits we can reveal after watching a sneak preview.

Peter, Jack and a strange work of art
I love it when Jack is allowed to show his sarcastic, comedic side and he gets to do that alongside Peter this week. Speaking of Peter, he has his hands full taking care of Katie while Lou is away and is crushed when he overhears a conversation between his ex-wife and daughter.

Cara Pifko returns
I haven’t seen Cara Pifko since she co-starred on CBC’s excellent This is Wonderland and had no clue she’d previously appeared on Heartland as Mackenzie Hutton. Well, she’s back—alongside hubby Ian (Gord Rand)—and has some key news to share with Amy and the rest of the family.

Wyatt + Georgie
Dempsey Bryk has been a welcome addition to Heartland and his Wyatt looks cute as a button next to Georgie. After singing her that sweet song last week things can only get better for the pair, right?

Drones rock
Drones with cameras mounted on them have become all the rage in television production and Sunday’s episode begins with a sweeping overhead shot of the dude ranch that is simply breathtaking. Drones also help with a key piece of storytelling later in the episode.

Heartland airs Sundays at 7 p.m. on CBC.